Zap Fox News!

There’s a campaign afoot that needs to be mentioned by DemWit. A Web site named TurnOffFox.org is asking people to do just that.

First (as in Amendment), I stand beside John Milton, who in his great plea for a free press, Aeropagitica, said, “Let truth and falsehood grapple; whoever knew truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter.”

Milton, however, would never have dreamed of a 24/7 propaganda machine blasting lies and distortions into millions of homes.

Turning off Fox News doesn’t have to be a big-time organized campaign.

Our friend Frodo simply walks up to the TV banks in stores and switches the channels from Fox News to Animal Planet.

He’s not the only one who has encountered TVs set to Fox News in stores, restaurants, bars, waiting rooms and other public places.

No need to tell DemWit readers WHY Fox News is offensive to anyone with half an ounce of common sense. We've followed documented evidence for years.

DemWit suggests that when you encounter this exposure to propaganda in public places – particularly places where you spend your money – ask to see the manager and very politely ask that the TVs be turned off or switched to another channel while you are there. If the manager asks why, politely respond.

If “the smallest and the weakest” of hobbits can stand on tiptoe to change TV channels, can’t you be bold enough to demand it?


tnlib said...

I've already signed. I hate the bastards and bitches.

Tiny said...

Tiny already signed it. She wants the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. Bring back those voices of real truth in reporting.

B.J. said...

Sign, but also DO. You might tell the manager of a business: “Your business is making a political statement which might offend some of your customers and one which your home office might not be aware of.”

Sue said...

I've read from alot of blogs that in their state Fox is all they offer at Motels and Hotels, Isn't that sickening!? I'm signing!

B.J. said...

Email from a friend:

NBC News anchor Brian Williams interviewed former President Jimmy Carter yesterday about his new book, "White House Diary" and asked about the country's current political polarization. Carter basically blames Fox News and urged folks to broaden their information gathering to more honest brokers. Just FYI.

B.J. said...

Here are the quotes:

Brian Williams: How do you think it came to be that such high numbers of people believe that this American-born Christian President is either foreign born or a Muslim or both?

President Carter: I think the number one factor is Fox News. It’s totally distorting everything possible concerning the facts. And I think their constant hammering away at these false premises about our incumbent president has a major impact on the consciousness of America. A lot of well-meaning people, including many of those in the Tea Party movement, believe what is said in this constant hammering away by Glenn Beck and by others who have no regards for the truth.

Malcolm said...

I signed a couple of weeks ago and look forward to getting my "Turn Off Fox" bumper sticker in the mail. Former President Carter is exactly right. This will give the right-wingers another reason to hate his guts. Of course, he doesn't care nor should he.

B.J. said...

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Malcolm said...

Hi B.J.: Thanks for plugging my pop culture blog. I also write a blog on race matters titled Diversity Ink:


Thanks again for the plug. I will definitely be adding you to my blogroll.

Tiny said...

Let us give thanks to the Powers That Be for people like former Pres. Carter for having the guts to speak truth to the world at large. It's high time for many others to step forth and do the same thing. Time to get rid of the ones who constantly spew the hate, fear, racisn, falsehoods of all stripes.

As some often repeat, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But no one is entitled to their own facts!" That is 100% true. Facts are facts. And falsehoods will always remain falsehoods.