Quote of the election cycle

Here’s my favorite quote from the must-read article linked at the top of DemWit’s sidebar:

“A GOP lawmaker involved in putting together the document told CNN Wednesday that House Republicans realize voters are angry with both Democrats and Republicans. The agenda contained in the ‘Pledge to America’ is intended to convince such voters that their concerns are taken seriously by Republicans, who will act differently if returned to power than they did when controlling Congress during parts of the Bush administration, the legislator said.”

I don’t know whether to laugh or throw up!


An important post follows.


Tiny said...

Laughing is healthier and doesn't hurt the body like throwing up does. Don't we always laugh at clowns and their antics? Big circus going on until 2 November so keep watching under the big top.

No offense meant to honest to goodness clowns. They're the good ones.

Frodo, gag me with a spoon, said...

Frodo casts his vote for vomit. He finds it difficult to laaugh at "Boner and the Boys".

Wonder if any of them have ever been to that church in Atlanta that's makin' the news this day?

Malcolm said...

I chose to laugh, it leaves less of a mess. Unless one is rich, they have to be fools to vote Republican these days.