We devourers of news and political opinion must seem an oddity to those content to go through life in complacent comfort.

How, I’ve asked myself, can a person ignore critical news developments while reading those blasted syrupy and lengthy forwarded emails? How do people ignore developments in a world their children and grandchildren will inherit?

I ran across this quote which I believe explains the difference in mind-set:

“When you are helpless, ignorance is a comfort.” – “Dark Assassin,” Anne Perry, 2006.

More than one stoic acquaintance has told me, “I can’t do anything about it, so I don’t worry about it.”

Although I laugh and tell these people, “That’s OK, I’ll worry about it for you,” I think this is a copout.

This feeling of helplessness creates a vicious cycle – one which results in everything from political corruption to extremist groups.

In my opinion, the second biggest problem in America today is that uninformed people bother to vote.

The number one problem in America today? Misinformed voters.

This theory will be tested in November.


Nance said...

I blog politics until I find myself snarling at the potted plants in the house. Then, I drop back and blog books, or culture, or even family for a post or two just to regain some balance and recharge my batteries for politics. Then I'm back at it, but working on the Let's-all-be-rational gig. Then some asshat does something deplorable, and I snark and snarl again. Kind of like political composting.

tnlib said...

You've got it. Like Perry's quote and think I'll put it on top of PPs. I've been thinking about the Not a pleasant thought.

Jerry Critter said...

Helpless and uninformed people are taken advantage of -- and they don't even know it.

Sue said...

misinformed, ledastraybyFoxnoise voters are a scary bunch! They should be ashamed to call themselves Americans!

Tiny said...

Seems the old axiom, "Ignorance is Bliss" is how so many live their lives. But when they decide to bitch about their lot in life, they don't take responsability for helping to make things better.

Responsability = response ability. So everyone has the ability to respond in making the world a better place in which to live.

We're all in this boat together and need for everyone to keep those oars moving in the water.

Tiny knows there's a multitude of slow learners, but if we repeat often enough, they might get the drift of what it's all about. That their life depends on it too.

B.J. said...

In response to all your comments: I don’t understand WHY the right-wing – where most of the “have-nots” are positioned – hasn’t caught on to the fact that most Republican politicians and candidates want to do away with Social Security in some form or the other. I don’t know about them, but I’ve gotten used to eating. The Progress Report, Center for American Progress, had a very interesting newsletter about this, and I will link it in DemWit’s sidebar. Educate yourself about this, then educate them!!! BJ