Blindsided by the ballot?

On November 2, don’t go into the voting booth blindsided by the measures you are asked to decide on your statewide ballot.

According to Ballotpedia, as of September 20, 151 ballot questions have been certified for statewide general election ballots in 37 states.

To find out questions which will appear on your state’s general election ballot, I recommend you do a Google search. I searched for “South Carolina State Election Commission official Website” and the site is SCvotes.org  The official site should provide you with copies and explanations of the ballot measures.

Pay attention to the measures which appear to have as their purpose the rallying of certain voter groups to the polls.

South Carolinians will vote on four amendments to the state constitution. Amendment 1 appears on the ballot thusly:

“Must Article I of the Constitution of this State, relating to the declaration of rights under the state's constitution, be amended by adding Section 25 so as to provide that hunting and fishing are valuable parts of the state's heritage, important for conservation, and a protected means of managing nonthreatened wildlife; to provide that the citizens of South Carolina shall have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife traditionally pursued, subject to laws and regulations promoting sound wildlife conservation and management as prescribed by the General Assembly; and to specify that this section must not be construed to abrogate any private property rights, existing state laws or regulations, or the state's sovereignty over its natural resources?”

Redneck read: “Ain’t nobody gonna take away our right to hunt and fish.” Some of the so-called "patriot" sites are billing this amendment as "Protect your right to hunt and fish. Vote November 2." On closer scrutiny:

A “Yes” vote will make it a constitutional right for citizens to hunt and fish AND will permit the State to legally provide for proper wildlife management and the protection of private property rights.

You have 40 days to study ballot measures before you vote.


tnlib said...

Wonder if the right to hunt "wildlife" includes Democrats.

B.J. said...

LOL, Leslie!!! Would “wildlife” include megachurch preachers?

tnlib said...

Linked to the link on this "new" GOP bullshit. They really are scoundrals.

B.J. said...

Here’s my favorite quote from the article linked at the top of Demwit’s sidebar:

“A GOP lawmaker involved in putting together the document told CNN Wednesday that House Republicans realize voters are angry with both Democrats and Republicans. The agenda contained in the ‘Pledge to America’ is intended to convince such voters that their concerns are taken seriously by Republicans, who will act differently if returned to power than they did when controlling Congress during parts of the Bush administration, the legislator said.”