You're so vain ...

Time for a completely humbling experience! Maybe a little fun, maybe a little learning.

Demwit welcome Malcolm, who blogs at Diversity Ink and at Pop Culture Dish, to The Comments Zone.

Take Malcolm’s “Pop Culture Trivia: One-Hit Wonders” quiz HERE.

TOUGH, but highly entertaining!

Postscript: While you’re visiting Pop Culture Dish, vote for your favorites for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame of 2011.


Sue said...

Malcolm and his blogs were a great find for me too! I have asked him to do a guest post and am looking forward to it. I haven't taken the quiz, I'll do that now!

tnlib said...

Oh God, I'm afraid I'm too much of a relic to take the quiz. But I did stop by Diversity Ink, which I think is a a delightful blog.

I think I may have unintentionally insulted Malcolm on Sue's blog recently when she said Malcolm would be writing a guest column. I thought she meant MalContent and I went off on how I didn't visit right-wing blogs and wouldn't read anything that that scoundrel would write. Again, I'm a relic and the older you get the more you fart - brain-wise and otherwise.

B.J. said...

Relic: A lot of the songs were from “our time.” I was proud of myself: I think I got two right out of the 15 questions, LOL Malcom’s pop culture knowledge is pretty amazing!

Sue: I like Diversity Ink: "Bridging the racial gap one post at a time."