Tea Party slugfest

Embarrassing. Absurd. Alien. Arrogant. Preposteroous. These are some of the milder adjectives before the exchange gets down and dirty between David Webb of the National Tea Party Federation and Mark Williams and Joe Wierzbicki of the Tea Party Express.

For the really heavy slurs, read CNN.com’s wrapup of Monday’s infighting: LINK

Oh, but “Webb predicted to CNN on Monday that his clash with Williams will soon be forgotten by voters. ‘This is not a split, so the gleeful left can put away the smiles,’”

Who’s smiling?

The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented a dramatic increase in racially motivated hate groups in America. Don’t tell me there’s no correlation between this rise and the fact that an African-American now occupies the Oval Office. That’s just poppycock!

When the Tea Party claims to be a grassroots movement, and one of its leaders writes blatantly racist thoughts under the guise of “satire,” it is time for well-meaning conservatives to wake up and ask who’s representing them - and who’s getting the most attention.

As one of my conservative friends said about the “fringe,” “It’s the squeaking wheel that gets the grease.”


tnlib said...

These yahoos are destroying themselves bit by bit and I LOVE it.

Tiny said...

Sounds like the grease hit the fan! They cherry picked the wrong blurb to blow out of porportion on Faux and the knee jerks set off negative reverberations. Perhaps the lady they scorned this time will sue Faux for slander and the loss of her job and she will own the station when all the dust settles.

The head guy from ACORN in Calif has sued the fake pimp for $75million because he lost his job. Dare we hope such suits will bring about more positive ways of thinking?

Only time will tell, it seems!

Frodo, incommunicado and outta town, said...

You are kindly invited to an assault on the fairer sex and its role in American politics (hence the "birth" of the Sleazebag Parties). Sharpen your knives and pitchforks as Frodo reminisces about the good old days when women not only didn't run, they didn't vote -- "Come On People Now, Smile On Your Brother"

Bring your friends and your lunch. The real battle has just begun.