Conspiracy Theory Generator

Thanks to my friend Bill Sumrall for providing me with a couple of hours of great online entertainment! This one is for the reader’s enjoyment, so … enjoy!

Public Eye has a very interesting site dedicated to various conspiracy theories, the groups who generate them and analyses of just how absurd they are. Take a look at the INDEX of links!

Now, for the fun part. In the Index, I spotted “Automatic Conspiracy Theory Generator.” Clicking on the link led me to a page with paradigms of four top conspiracy theories that just never seem to die out. By clicking on each of the four, information relating to that theory pops up in the box below the list. A little scary and a whole lot hilarious!

After you’ve checked out the four “theories,” you can then go below the box and create your own conspiracy theory. The fun here is in the choices in the drop-down boxes within the theory you are creating. This is LMAO stuff, dear reader, not to be missed if you need a little fun to make your day!

So, go HERE and check out the four conspiracy theory models, then create your own!

This post is dedicated to Bill, Tiny, Frodo, Leslie and Infidel, who know how to have fun.

As Infidel says about his approach to blogging (and I suspect everything):

“If it’s not fun, what’s the point?”


Tiny said...

Tiny checked out some of those high tech conspiracies and tried a few herself. Since a local preacher copied and posted the entire 'birther' conspiracy from 'worldnetdaily' for his entire newspaper column, Tiny decided it would be a good idea to have the radical Christians post the birth, death and resurrection certificates of Jesus. (Someone has to play the role of the devil's advocate! "If it's not fun, what's the point?")

This idea was furthered today when she heard the many radical Christian Rethuglicans using the Islamic religion as their 'political mantra' replacement for guns, gays and God for this next midterm election.

One preacher on TV even told how he was going to burn the Quran' because that religion teaches to kill other people.'

When asked how he would feel is a Moslem burned the Bible. His shocked reply, "I wouldn't like it." However, the entire Biblical book of Kings is mere blood and guts!

Another inflammatory lie they are using is that the Muslims want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero, when in fact, Cordoba House is neither a Mosque, nor would it be at Ground Zero.

To quote Matt Sledge:

"The 92nd Street Y, on which the Cordoba House is explicitly modeled, has a whole host of Jewish events take place inside of it, but no one calls it a synagogue. There's no good reason why Cordoba House should be misleadingly called a "mosque." I've been guilty of using this word too, in conversation and in writing, but it's inaccurate. Muslims already read the Quran and pray at 45 Park Place, but that does not and will not turn it into a "mosque."

There's one more catch for the opponents of the so-called Ground Zero mosque: by the same logical leap you can call the Cordoba Center a "mosque," you can also call Ground Zero as it already exists a giant, open-air mosque. Muslim prayers are already taking place right on the edge of the construction site, and not for world domination. Families are going there to pray -- for the souls of the dozens of innocent Muslim victims who died on September 11."

B.J. said...

OK, here’s a sample. One of the four major conspiracy theories is by “Christian Right Conspiracists.” The paradigm for all four theories is the same. In the box:

“In order to understand what's really happening you need to realize that everything is controlled by a evil plan made up of secular humanists.

“The conspirators are arrogant intellectuals and their conspiracy began with John Dewey and the creation of public education.

“The conspirators have been responsible for many events throughout history, including the Roosevelt Administration.

“Today, members of the conspiracy are everywhere. They can be identified only by their Godless conduct.

“The conspirators have help from powerful elite homosexuals, and the conspiracy benefits undeserving liberals, homosexuals, and abortionists; at the expense of Christianity.

“The conspirators want to crush God-fearing Christians, and round up and restrain resisters in the Antichrist's dungeons. They are using federal judges to establish a Godless regime.

“In order to prepare for this, we all must read the Bible. All of this was revealed years ago by Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Since the media is controlled by liberal secular journalists you should get your information only from Christian Right sources.”

Infidel753 said...

The challenge is that it's almost impossible to make up an imaginary conspiracy theory nuttier than the ones that actually exist. There really are people who think they're being conspired against by evil cabals of secular humanists, homosexuals, or lizard aliens.

It's only a matter of time before someone comes up with a grand unified conspiracy theory which blames everything on secular humanist homosexual lizard aliens.

B.J. said...

Tiny: Your comment reminds me: one of my high school classmates checked out DemWit, then wrote to me, “If I were going to put up a list of favorite books I would have included the Holy Bible. I replied that I had read the Bible all my life but didn’t feel compelled to list it in favorite “fiction.”

Infidel753: LOL!!! Thanks for the comments. After the last couple of posts, I was beginning to feel like the Maytag repairman. The site was fun, especially the drop-down lists in the Create-a-Conspiracy!


Frodo, dodgin' Texas cowdung, said...

Frodo will play later, but Infidel made such a great point, that he wished to respond while the source was fresh in his craw. Occasionally, the local muckraking press, on a Saturday, will print a column by the Texas A&M (thereby semi-educated) self-styled millionaire Libertarian radio clown who believes what is his is his, and what's yers is urine, otherwise known as Neal Boortz. Boortz wrote today that there is a direct correlation between Nikolai Lenin and the fact that public school children in Georgia are asked to pool all their school supplies into a common-use container, so that no one is left without. He, honestly, I can't make up this crapola, actually argues that this is one more reason why public schools are tools of the Comintern, or some other link to world domination.