Climate scientists cleared

Lies. Stopping them is not the biggest problem: reversing them is a major task. DemWit’s main aim is defending truth. Here’s a dose of truth just breaking in the news. Share it.

‘Climategate' review clears scientists of dishonesty, CNN, 7 July 2010.

“Climate change skeptics said the emails suggested data was being manipulated to exaggerate the threat of global warming.”

Read the story and pass the facts along.


airth10 said...

The truth does always surface. That is why conspiracy theories remain unsolved and untrue!

tnlib said...

Wonder what Palin is going to say to this.

Jerry Critter said...

Liars rarely admit their lies. Palin is no different. She will continue to spout her shit even after others have cleaned it up.

Frodo, boiling a Tea Bag, said...

With the advent of the ecological nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico, and the record high temperaures in the media centers, does it surprise anyone that we no longer hear either "Drill Baby, Drill" or "Global Warming is a Myth"?

Tiny said...

Food for thought: Conservatives want Palin to replace Mike Steele. Now isn't that a lovely bunch of wingnuts?

Instead of "Drill, Baby Drill" amd "Global Warming": It's deport the immigrants now. Round up all of them and ship them back to Mexico.

Don't think they would hold still for that one since their people have already experienced that when the Europeans came ashore. Things just keep getting uglier and uglier out there.