Still Ragin'

If you have not yet read Frank Rich's column in Saturday's New York Times, it sheds new light on a controversy:

There's a Battle Outside, and It's Still Ragin' LINK


Tiny said...

Wouldn't we love to hear this broadcast from coast to coast via media outlets. But the ones who really need to let this information sink into their pea brains will never be exposed to it because they won't read it. And they definitely will not hear it from the vocal media.

Frank Rich gave us a great history and humanity lesson all tied up nice and neat.

Thanks for posting it BJ. Let's pass that one around to all the GOPers.

tnlib said...

I had read that. It would be lost on the GOP but thanks for calling attention to it.

B.J. said...

I had read quite a bit about this controversy but no one had mentioned Sherrod’s personal history. Her husband was a co-founder of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee – SNCC or “Snick.” This group worked untiringly across the South during the Civil Rights struggle of the 60s and was hated by segregationist. I am not certain if the group called itself “snick” or whether that was a derisive term of the Southern media at the time. Why, in all the stories and blog entries and emails I had read on this controversy had no one mentioned Sherrod’s father’s murder and her husband’s work? BJ

tnlib said...

I've read a FEW accounts about her father and hubby but not many. It's pretty shameful that the media didn't do a little more digging before jumping - or echoing.

If I remember correctly SNCC was referred to as simply SNCC (when written) or "snic" (when spoken). I never heard it called "snick".