A little edukashun at Beck U.

Never has there been more evidence of the old adage “a little education is a dangerous thing” than the announcement that Glenn Beck has founded his own online university.

That’s no joke. Here’s the one-click matriculation (Cheetos and Kool-Aid not included): LINK

Adam Weinstein of Mother Jones has compiled a list of courses (LINK) he and other MoJo wits would like to see offered, and I reprint them here with his kind permission.

Mr. Weinstein, by the way, ain’t no intellectual slug. MoJo’s copy editor is a Navy veteran, is currently at work on a book about his "recession-fueled stint as a military contractor in Iraq" and, in addition to some great journalism experience, is a two-time Jeopardy champion. LINK

Courses at Glenn Beck's New U.

by Adam Weinstein
Mother Jones, Jul. 2, 2010

Have you heard the exciting news? Apparently appalled at the paucity of solid learnin' in America (excepting, of course, Texas), media maestro and renowned art historian Glenn Beck has announced the opening of his own great patriotic hall of academe. The forthcoming institution o'learnin', appropriately titled Beck University, will "explore the concepts of Faith, Hope and Charity and show you how they influence America’s past, her present and most importantly her future." Its faculty features such luminaries as a free-market economist whose degree is in psychology and a Texas Republican Party bigwig who hates, hates, HATES church-state separation. It even has an Ivy-style crest—featuring a feather, a buffalo, and the disembodied head of George Washington—and a Latin motto, "Tyrannis Seditio, Obsequium Deo" (roughly translated: "Revolution against tyrants, submission to God").

No word yet on whether RNC Chairman Michael Steele, apparently in need of some good historical and civics education of late, has enrolled. But just in time for the Independence Day weekend, the MoJo staff has produced a list of course offerings we hope to see at Beck U. next fall. If you have suggestions, too, post 'em to the comments or post them to Twitter with the hashtag #BeckUCourses! Let's do some educatin'! Yee haw!

Theories of Self and Other in the Autobiography of Ronald Reagan

Semiotics of Tricornered Hats

Mythology 101: Fossils

Presidential History From Harding to Coolidge

Oath Keeping

Semester Abroad in Kenya with Visiting Professor Dr. Jerome Corsi

Physics of AM Radio Waves

Fundamentals of Spelling and Grammar CANCELED

Great Military Heroes: John Wayne

Intro to Theology: Ayn Rand

Advanced Marketing Seminar: Rare Gold Coins

Drama 101: Intro to Alternative Lifestyles

Psych 301: Paranoia as Therapeutic Alternative

Wilde, Proust, and Other Homosexual Europeans

Middle Eastern and Arab Cultures: What's Up With That?

Literary Masters Colloquium: Cleon Skousen

Motherhood, Hockey, Hunting: Cultural Convergences

Studies in Moral Courage: Joe McCarthy

Counterinsurgency Techniques in Morning Radio

Phenomenological Epistemology and the Speeches of Barry Goldwater

Hermeneutics and Homosociality in The Overton Window

Political Science 300: Reverse Racism and the Modern Presidency

Colloquium on Great Filmmakers: Mel Gibson

Gym Crow

Underwater Conspiracy Weaving


I know my brilliant DemWit readers can come up with a few suggestions of their own. Have fun!


B.J. said...

Religion 301: Christian Participation in the Salem Witch Hunts

Writing 101: Regnery: How to Publish a Political Bestseller with No Documentation

Speech 101: Oratory Techniques of George W. Bush

Tiny said...

Art 101: How Nazi Art Got Built Into The New Yourk Rockefellow Building

Drama 102: How To Cry On Que

Humanities 101: How To Make Enemenities And Influence Public Edgeemication

Observation 101: Why Fundamentals of Spelling and Grammar canceled.

Financial Success With Parenthood101: Sarah Palin

Immaculate Conception Via Abstenance 101: Bristol Palin

tnlib said...

Spam and GOP Propaganda: Michael Steele

Lie, Baby, Lie: Panel Discussions, TBA

Religion 101: Jesus Hates the Needy

U.S. History: The Superiority of the White Man

Geography 101 - Where's Russia?: Sarah Palin

Reading 101: Tom, Dick and Harry

U.S. Presidents: Obama Wasn't Born Here

Greed: What's Mine Is Mine and What's Yours Is Mine

The Rhythm Method: Mother and Daughter Palin Team

Sue said...

Hilarious!! I can't think of one more to top these, tooooo funny!!

I think the left needs a Jon Stewart University, or maybe Lewis Black... No, Janeane Garofalo!! I'm not saying this out of disrespect for my lefty comedians, just pointing out Becks new venture is very comedic for sure!

Infidel753 said...

Actually I'd think the Intro to Theology would focus on, say, the Lafferty Brothers. Since the whole thing is online, they could teach it themselves, from prison.

"Intro to alternative lifestyles"? More likely to be titled "Taxonomy of sin" or something similar, surely.

Is Beck really an art historian? Is he counting all that stuff he scribbles on blackboards as the art?