Lock and load, amen!

A classmate from my high school days sent the following brief article from the right-wing NewMax (LINK). Just though DemWit readers would find it interesting:

Jindal Agrees to Allow Concealed Guns in Church

Thursday, 08 Jul 2010

BATON ROUGE, La. - Gov. Bobby Jindal has agreed to allow concealed handguns inside Louisiana's churches.

Churches, synagogues and mosques choosing to allow concealed carry will have to inform their congregations of the decision. Anyone wishing to carry a concealed weapon in a church will have to take an extra eight hours of tactical training each year.

Jindal signed the bill by Republican Rep. Henry Burns on Tuesday.

The new law does not apply to churches on school property.

Supporters of the measure said it can be a deterrent against criminal activity in church and will give an option to ministers and pastors to incorporate concealed handguns into their security plans.

Opponents argued it's inappropriate to have concealed handguns in church.


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tnlib said...

Kill in the name of God.

airth10 said...

It is difficult to determine whether the idea of concealed guns anywhere deters crime. But it might be like somebody once said, "An armed society is a polite society".

Anonymous said...

That's all we need! As a priest, I get nervous when a strange person walks into Mass (usually drunk). My church is downtown, so we get quite an interesting mix. Last winter a man walked in dressed all in black. He had on a black jacket with a hood. He was maybe 6 feet 4 inches and big and menacing looking. He walked up right after my homily and then turned toward the congregation and put up his hood. I held my breath and you could see the sheer terror on the peoples' faces. Then he bowed to the congregation and walked to the back where one of the policemen in my parish ushered him out gently and quietly. An elderly woman said to me after Mass: "Well, Father, I thought we were going to make the front page tomorrow!"

Thank goodness the man in black was just drunk and wasn't prone to violence. He even apologized to me after Mass.

Louisiana is asking for DISASTER. I can't see where any minister would allow such a thing, but it IS Louisiana. My beloved home state:ECCENTRIC!

Tiny said...

tinlib, I believe that's what Dubya said is the reason for sending our young men and women into the killing fields of Iraq.

And what happened to the teaching of "beating your swords into plowshares" and "love one another?" Sounds like the baby got thrown out with the bath water.

Tiny thinks the radicals are misreading the word 'peace' as 'piece' as in "packing a piece."
Personally, she would not want to be in church, or anywhere else, with a gun totting attendee. Far too many people are short on patience and quick on hair trigger tempers.

airth10, Tiny doesn't see our "armed society as being more polite." She sees, reads and hears of too many bullet riddled bodies being shipped to the morgues.

It is time for all peace loving people to stand together and shout, "Enough is Enough!"

Loulou La Poule said...

I've begun to think of the reactionary right as impulse disordered. Many of the Pentecostal and evangelical services aim directly for disinhibition--I believe they call it invoking the spirit. I forecast that they'll be firing into the air next.

With your permission, I'd like to copy/paste this post at Hen's Teeth, a group blog for liberal southern women. We are DemWit fans.

B.J. said...

Scary, huh? Thanks for the comments. LouLou, feel free any time. BJ

Bill Sumrall said...

Our pastor joked about this before today's sermon.
While visiting the jail, he observing that deputies have to put their weapons in lock-boxes before entering the facility, so it looks like churches may have more weapons in them than the jail.
He said he'd come up with a good idea for a company and its name: since pastors and preachers would likely be moving targets, the company could offer to sell "Bullet-Proof Vest-Ments."
He also noted that the Legislature could have helped churches more if, instead of allowing guns into a sanctuary, they had banned cell-phones in churches.
BTW, a cell-phone did actually go off during the start of one of the songs today.