A little MSNBC in-fighting

Since I went to basic cable, I no longer have the benefit of or am subjected to that which passes for cable “news.” In keeping with the mission of DemWit (it’s at your left), Frodo, Keeper of the Ring, sent me the following missive from the Shire on Thursday, 2 July:

Subject line: Ya shooda been dere

This AM, on "Morning Joe," they were reporting on yesterday's battle between Helen Thomas, Chip Reid and Robert Gibbs on "controlling" the news. Scarborough made the on-screen comment that he wished Reid were the White House reporter for NBC, since he was the “best.” He did not realize that Chuck Todd, NBC’s White House correspondent, was on a split-screen with him at that moment.

It wasn't just awkward, because Chuck Todd was visibly pissed. Joe, and everyone else, tried to back pedal, and make like it was a joke. Chuck wasn't buying.
In the end, Joe said, "Chuck, you're the best." Chuck said, "Joe, you're not the best."

Thanks, Frodo! No, Chuck, Joe’s not the best. Doesn’t even come close to Don Imus who filled the time slot before him. IMHO, Don Imus is the best interviewer in the business, and I miss that so much.

That's why DemWit always refers to Scarborough's a.m. show as "Morning Joke."


Watch veteran reporter Helen Thomas and CBS' Chip Reid double-team White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on whether the White House is "controlling the press," LINK

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by Michael Boh said...

BJ - Thank you so much for this news tidbit, since I love to hear about the latest Joe S. screw-up. I swear, the man's a typical tard in the way he'll say something scandalous and then try to pass it off as a joke.

I think the man's a complete and utter fool who only has his job because MSNBC wants some "conservatives" to balance the network - no matter how aweful they are. I wish they would recruit somebody like Shepherd Smith. He's more balanced and more intelligent. The ex-congressman should now be an ex-newsman. Thanks - Michael