A bit blogged down

(To the tune of “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore,” sung by Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond.)


You don’t bring us Bushies;
You don’t sing on lefties …


You hardly read my blog anymore
When I write all my thoughts at the end of the day.


I remember when you couldn't wait to tell us,
Used to hate to leave us
Uninformed on latest news at night …


When it's good for your view,
And you're feeling all right …


When you just get offline and turn out the light,
And you don't bring us big news anymore …


It used to be so natural …


It used to be ...


To talk about politics …


Mmm ...


But used-to-bes don't count anymore
Not since Dems took the floor
When we swept them away.


And, BJ, we remember all the things you taught us …


We learned how to laugh, and we learned how to cry …


Well, we learned who was right, and we learned who would lie …


So, you’d think I could learn how to tell you goodbye.


So you think we could learn from some other guy?
You don't bring us big news anymore?


Well, you’d think I could learn to convince the other guy.
‘Cause you don’t really need me …


We still like to read you …


Obama’s been in six months,
And all folks do is gripe.
Can’t get any real news,
All I get is hype.

I know how to research, and I know how to write,
But I just get off and turn out the light.
No one’s ever satisfied
With the truth and the right …

And I don’t feel like bloggin’ anymore.


I have been deeply affected by yesterday’s post and its comment zone. DemWit’s intention is not to hurt readers, but to inform them. Throughout all my years of blogging, all those years of trying to enlighten about the dark side of Bush and Cheney, one old saying holds true: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

No matter how well researched, how well documented, how factual.

DemWit was started as my stepchild blog while I was writing “I See My Dreams.” I took a break from blogging, then decided to archive that blog and continue this one. And, now my traffic counter registers 10,000 visits. To sit in my living room and write my thoughts, then have a visitor from some place like Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia, read them; well, that just boggles my mind.

DemWit’s mission these days is not to cover The Big Story. There are about a million sites where readers can find those. I’m just writing about things which are on my mind and letting the chips fall where they may.

I’ve lost a couple of very faithful readers along the way, and I guess I’ll always wonder about the “why,” but I’m very appreciative of the remaining faithful.

DemWit is not shooting for big numbers. As I’ve written before, it’s been the strangest and seemingly most insignificant posts which have attracted the most visitors. This blog is an outlet for me – a chance to write and to share my thoughts, nothing more.

So, thanks for reading and for sharing yours!


Debra said...

And THANKS for blessing us with your intelligence and all your research and your opinions. We all must have an opinion, if not, then-- why bother....it is the likenesses and the differences that make up this merry go round, and keep it spinning round and round.....
Keep us enlightened. Share what you know--that is all you can do!
I certainly enjoy your "READ".
Take care, Love ya' B.J.,
Love, Deb (one of your biggest fans)

Frodo, no fan of Gordon MacRae said...

Out of respect for Merry, Frodo will end his assault on space cadets. Let it be known however, that Frodo has 50,000 friends, all of whom have pledged to visit at least one web site every month which is the product of a character from "Looney Tunes" (what he didn't know is that they all visited the same one).

bbj said...

Love your lyrics, BJ. I needed that smile today -- I've had 4 of my grandchildren all week, and I'm whupped.

Please keep blogging! I depend on you.

B.J. said...

Deb and bbj: how sweet it is!

Oh, Frodo!!! Please, please send your 50,000 friends my way as DemWit has a developing story. Local reports here in South Carolina have mentioned a two-headed cat and a five-legged dog. I suspect it has something to do with Mark Sanford’s semen. I’m INVESTIGATING.

airth10 said...


Keep writing. It keeps your mind young and agile.

Life is about doing and you are doing writing and maybe sometimes cleaning or cooking. Stay active.

Imagine, still, in some countries people cannot express themselves so freely. But the Internet is chipping away at that, and we are all part of it.

They say one should write for oneself first. That is what you are doing. And who knows what insight it might lead to. I write for myself because I know most people aren't interested in what I have to say, but it doesn't matter to me.

I have used your write to develop my writing.

B.J. said...

Hi Airth:

Thanks for the encouragement. I have marveled at the improvement in your writing skills since you began “Airth’s Democracy,” and I don’t think I’ve found anyone who explained all the sub-prime loan mess to me as well as you did! Keep keyboarding, it’s a great sport!

Friends, BJ

Tiny said...

Drum roll, please, and hand that lady a microphone. Clap your hands, tap your feet, sit back and enjoy this singer's treat.

Tiny thought that old saying was, "You can lead a horse to drink but you can't make him water!"

Beware in SC, Gov. Mark Sanford is going to another foreign country and it's no telling what other kind of creatures will surface in the Anderson area. Someone call Sherlock Homes! It may be more elementary, Watson, than anyone could imagine. Elementals are strange critters.