Cornerstones of the radical right

There are, in my opinion, four cornerstones of the radical right: lies, hypocrisy, fearmongering and greed.

After years of following the antics of the far right, I didn’t think anything it could do would shock me, but shocked I am over its latest gambit.

With “Brave New World” tactics, the right-wing is attempting – with dystopian delusion - to strike fear in the hearts of elderly Americans – by suggesting that the healthcare reform package …

Well, let’s read the opening paragraphs of a report on politico.com, written by Carrie Budoff Brown and headlined “Will proposal promote euthanasia?”

“Sean Hannity believes it. So does House Minority Leader John Boehner. Talk show host Fred Thompson calls it 'the dirty little secret' of the healthcare reform debate.

“The focus of their ire is a provision tucked deep inside the House bill that would provide Medicare coverage for an end-of-life consultation once every five years. If a person falls ill with a life-threatening disease, more frequent sessions would be allowed.

“Republicans are now using this language as a wedge between senior citizens and Democrats.

“Boehner and Republican Policy Committee Chairman Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) issued a statement last week saying it ‘may start us down a treacherous path toward government-encouraged euthanasia’ — even though the concept behind the provision has been embodied in federal law since 1990 and has been promoted by Republicans and Democrats for years.”

It’s called a living will.

These dirty, rotten scoundrels are taking a provision intended to prevent another national tragedy – and political football - like Terri Schiavo’s death and trying to convince old folks they’re going to be systematically euthanized.

That’s right. The Democratic Party – surreptitiously, of course - is pushing the United States of America into setting mandatory death dates for old folks.

I have found myself with a condition those who know me will never believe – I am speechless.

What next, boys? Are you going to dig up something about “Soylent Green”?


I recommend you read the politico.com article HERE. Then, hold the hands of persons old and dear and tell them of their worth.


Frodo, of the Fellowship said...

Time after time, questions were raised to the President about this very point during his public forums yesterday. There is a fine line to be drawn between politics, as usual, and politics, of fear. The threat that people of a different religion posed to the population at large is an example, in 1933's Germany. The threat that flouride added to public drinking water, the threat that countries would fall "like dominos," ad infitum are tools used by those without conscience. With respect to his friend, Frodo is neither shocked nor surprised. He just takes one more step up to the summit of Mount Doom, for the Ring still exists.

B.J. said...

Thanks, Frodo. You would not believe how little news is available to me now that I am on “basic cable.” Network news is a joke. About the best I can get is on “CBS Up to the Minute” if I’m up early (or late) enough, but I haven’t heard a word about this until alerted by a friend this morning. I might add that a sweep of several news sites online yields equally dismal results – newswise.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Ms.BJ,

This was the first I read about this particular scam,snowjob,or whatever one may call it.I listen to the republican's,but they have been hammering every issue recently because of their awful situation.The health care is a big deal because of all the money that is being pumped into it.Understand that life and death is all about one thing...business. The whole promotion of not using birth control,condomes or even using common sense when it comes to planning for a family,is to keep the birth rate high enough to generate what is needed to keep the 3 entities as god's(Mega religious institution's,government's,corporation's are the 3 entities that dictate as I post)the Vatican is a big player as well...I'm not saying this is a conspiracy...it's business.Hell...you dont even need a conspiracy to control the masses,just make a tele commercial in this day and time...and most human's will buy it. :) But older folk's dont even have to concern themselve's with this nonsense. And any package they agree on will mostly favour one thing...business...not the peoples.President Obama does want to socialize thing's like medicine, health care much more...but the power's will not let him...so anything he can get will help.There should not even be a debate over this,when it comes to medicine,health care...since we are supposedly a humanitary society. But right now at this point in history,business will win and rule.In time the entire system will collapse(I wish I could give a date...but...oh well)just like previous empires,because even democracy as we know it will not continue to work,and a new society will form...not left or right mentality either.But euthanizing folk's...heh,heh,heh ... there is not enough money in it for those who rule. :) This is the ancient battle of our lovely nation...da right vs. da left, and most of these folk's cant even see beyond that who govern us,and are bought and paid for as well. They'll do what their told, as usual.

As far as further comment's on euthanasia or thing's like as I would put it,gvmt sponsored(paid) suicide,death with dignity, I cant comment any further,on another's blog...but I will address it soon on mine.

Have a good un girl!! :)

Tiny said...

Mandatory Euthanasia! How low down and desperate can these soul-less robotic automations get. Has media forgotten the Terri Schiavo fiasco so soon. Not to mention the astronomical legal expenses involved in that case.

I'm sure someone can dig out that precious video of Bush flying back to DC on a weekend to sign their 'thwarted' law that Terri Schiavo cannot be allowed to die with dignity. Such an infantile farce by the Radical Religious WingNuts! Showed the whole world how ignorant morons with an IQ no higher than 2 spend their time and the tax payers money.

Perhaps they will be lucky enough to be the ones begging for their machines to be unplugged, or ones who get pacemakers and other desecrating surgeries on their dead carcase to drain the family savings account by others as greedy as they've been. That's called boomerang karma.

Who is it that wants to play God with people's lives? None other than the greedy, hypocritical, lying, fear mongers, whose fifth cornerstone is their inability to keep their night crawlers zipped inside their knickers. This is our tax money hard (pun intended) at work.

by Michael Boh said...

I agree BJ. I too think they've sunk to a new low. They just don't care about telling the truth anymore, and seem to feel completely comfortable lying to the American people. Unfortunately, I don't see anything changing anytime soon. There are just too many ignorant fools out there ready to believe the lies.

sue said...

Thanks B.J! Isn't this whole debate unbelievable? I am optimistic Obama will stay strong and not sign a bill unless it's what he wants. The lies coming from the right are despicable yes, but are so outrageous that hopefully only the wingnuts are listening! Hope you are well B.J.! xo