DemWit dedicatees this post to:

* Malcontents who believe (and spread) every conspiracy theory that comes along.
* People who pass along, via email, propaganda with no author and no documentation.
* Right-wing bastions of the Web, such as worldnetdaily and freerepublic.
* Followers of CNN’s Lou Dobbs, who, if they have not yet figured out he’s an idiot, never will.

All of the above are questioning President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, and proof be damned.

DemWit salutes Brian Williams of “NBC Nightly News” for jumping into the fray Wednesday night and pointing out the insanity of these claims.

Williams introduced the segment thusly:

“Spreading lies about President Obama's birthplace and about his U.S. citizenship. Who's doing it and why?”

“A lot of us live with this issue,” Williams said. “We get emails. We get asked about it.”

The conservative site News Busters (LINK) has this slant:

“Exaggerating the extent of the attention the issue gets on the right, reporter Pete Williams declared: ‘It hasn't gone away, becoming a staple of blogs and conservative talk radio.’ He soon asserted that ‘legal scholars - liberal and conservative alike - are in widespread agreement that Barack Obama is fully qualified.’”

Williams reported:

* “Obama's campaign long ago released his birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii after it joined the union,”
* Hawaii has the original birth certificate.
* “The Honolulu Advertiser newspaper faxed us its birth announcements from August 13, 1961, noting that a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama.”

Williams didn’t bother to mask his frustration and anger over these continuing rumors:

“It's the question that won't seem to go away for President Barack Obama even though it's been answered.”

It’s an enigma to this writer how these conspiracy theorists – and that’s exactly what they are – nobly wrap themselves in the mantle of truthseekers, yet totally deny FACTS which fail to substantiate what they choose to believe.

Rather than championing truth, these self-appointed saviors are only impeding the progress of this nation. They are desperados of denial pouring their energy into worthless campaigns.

So, thanks, Mr. Williams, for pointing this out to your viewers. Only two words – directed at these kooks - could have improved your broadcast:



Infidel753 said...

Here is what must have happened:

In 1961 an American woman who had access to American hospitals chose instead to travel to Kenya to give birth.

All evidence of her trip to Kenya and return was subsequently erased from all American and Kenyan records.

Realizing thet their new baby might someday choose to run for President, the Obamas cunningly placed a birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper in order to make people 47 years later think he had been born in the US.

All relevant Hawaiian government officials have been bribed, blackmailed, or otherwise suborned into verifying the existence of an actual birth certificate.

Well, for people who believe that evolution and global warming are myths too, I suppose it might seem plausible.

Andrew said...

Why not end it today, Obama? What hospital wouldn't shout it from the rooftops that a future president had been born at their hospital.

Why can't we see his records from college?

What passport did he use to travel to Pakistan in'81. You may not like these and many other questions about this unremarkable mystery man, but they're out there - unanswered.

Falzone for America said...


At least the 911 inside job conspiracy theory proposes a few points of evidence to support that theory, shaky as it may be. The "Obama is a foreigner" theorists keep banging the gong with NO supporting facts. Even if you turned out to be right you can't possibly expect anyone to take you seriously with NO SUPPORTING FACTS TO BACK YOU UP!!!

I participated in the on-line town hall meeting last night on Facebook. The same three Republicans kept regurgitating the same sorrowful slime over and over and over. Thousands of people were treated to a wise and intelligent discussion about health care reform. In the background were the Golem’s spitting saliva and lies thinking they could stand in the way of progress with enough propaganda. We need to focus on the positive. We finally have a good President doing good things for the majority. The sad depraved greed driven minority can keep squealing like stuck pigs. Too bad so sad. Sour grapes, bad losers.

B.J. said...

Andrew, my friend, trying to dissuade you from your theories is like beating my head against a brick wall. Frankly, that hurts, so I gave up a long time ago.

You thought that self-appointed “White House reporter” Jeff Gannon/James Guckert was the long-ago kidnapped Des Moines Register paperboy Johnny Gosch (because they had the same intials???). You believed the kid had been abducted into a sex ring which serviced the White House. I pointed out that there was a 10-year difference in Gannon/Guckert’s and Gosch’s ages, and you replied, “That doesn’t matter.” I’ll never forget that!

You are a “9/11 Truther.” I have asked you on a number of occasions if you ever read The 9/11 Commission Report, and you have yet to answer my question.

I appreciate your right to your opinions, but at least examine all sides of an issue.


Frodo, foe to Ming the Merciless said...

With all due respect to your readers, Frodo has to point out that the substance of one reflects stunningly close to the words of Mr. Jon Stewart last evening.

That fact aside, let us note that on the same show, Mr.Stewart pointed out that Lou Dobbs commentary (on radio) was offset by his temporary TV replacement, live on CNN, who took the same arguments and debunked them factually, and without an appeal to individuals wearing aluminum foil twisted into antennae on their heads who reside either in Oklahoma or Louisiana.

Forgive Frodo dear Merry, but there are times when one must treat foolishness with open disdain.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah...I've checked out some of the birth stuff on Obama,it's actually silly and pissing in the wind..unlike most and the way I think..I frankly wouldnt care if he was born in Moscow or Sidney. I just simply want the man to do his job...and so far he gave me more than I expected. I have had my eye on this guy since he was a Senator as well...so him getting the Presidency was a real treat for me!

I was just online checking out some post's and responses to his response on the Dr.Gates detainment issue up in Boston (Cambridge...it's just Boston to me) I couldnt believe the criticism he got from just his response to Dr.Gates, label's such as "dumb ass nigger" saying he should go back to Kenya,Africa etc. I mean...this is the President!Of coarse I noticed obvious fictional names they used,dont even have the ball's to use their actual name..what kind of man is that?

I'm fixin to drive down to Waco to do some business...hope to avoid the Klan if possible! If not...I'm well armed girl!I better shut the hell up now.

Thanx Ms.DemWit have a good un :)

by Michael Boh said...

Andrew, you need to consider whether or not you actually listen when the answers are made available, because they are out there. If you ignore them, or doubt the validity for no good reason, then you are just playing into the hands of extremists. You also look like a fool. Sorry, but this issue just makes your side look like a bunch of crazy racists. It's a loser! I suggest letting it go before you do more damage to your already damaged party.

B.J. said...

Let me step in here with a few comments:

Andrew: I would not characterize Barack Obama as an “unremarkable mystery man.” He is the duly elected president of the United States and living in the big white fishbowl. As you know, I supported Hillary Rodham Clinton, but voted for Obama with every confidence in his leadership ability.

Readers: Andrew and I met a number of years ago through a mutual friend. He’s a really nice guy and a great writer, who is working very hard on his successful Oklahoma City Web site, “Red Dirt Report.” He covers local and state news as well as state and national politics and all the arts. His music and movie reviews are often picked up nationally. Andrew and I have bumped heads for years over our vartious ideas and beliefs, but our correspondence has always remained civil.

In truth, that has been my experience with most of my readers. My tragic flaw: too candid and very opinionated. But, I simply cherish the personal relationships.

Do I agree with Andrew on all his conspiracy theories? Not in the least. We are of two different mindsets. He quite often picks up a DemWit post and features it in his site’s “Op-Ed” section, and that’s nice.

In this we are alike: sticks and stones may hurt our bones, but words can never hurt us. :-)

Andrew: you know I’m gonna remain a burr under your saddle, but happy trails, my friend.


Afterthought: I have no problem with questioning the actions and policies of any elected official, that's my duty and my privilege as an American citizen.

Andrew said...

I, for one, won't allow parties or ideology sway me when it comes to issues big and small. I follow my heart and try to make sound judgements on an issue by weighing the facts. I know everyone here would disagree with me or ridicule me or dump lots of hateful comments on me. I honestly don't care. I go to bed knowing that I am honest enough to ask questions and try and find the truth. I don't get sucked into the left-right paradigm. I just try to do the right thing and use my skills as a journalist to share my findings with whomever is interested. These days, my site averages over 50,000 hits a month and growing. I am starting a new site soon and will investigate criminality in my state. I will debate any of you any time.

Tiny said...

There's a cliché, "Either put up or shut up." Those who doubt the birthplace and citizenship of Obama should be able to produce facts to support their argument. Afterall, that's what Obama and the Hawaiian authorities and sources did. I haven't seen any proof to the contrary. However, I receive a truck load of propaganda to the contrary with no proof to support such claims.

Since Briam Williams was praised so highly by Walter Concrite and Brian looked up to him all his life he plans to be the "second most trusted man in the world." Now that would really get the goat of the nay-sayers, especially the ones I know.

They seem to forget that Obama is Afro-Caucasian-American. Or maybe they do! Maybe that's what gets their knickers in a wad.

Perhaps too, they think if they scream loud enough it will drown out the last eight years of crime, greed, illegal war, etc. by the Bush-Cheney Cabal. God knows there's enough blood on their hands to hear them wailing like Shakespeare's Macbeth, "Out damn spot, out..."

B.J. said...

From Gallup, 7/24/09:

Although Barack Obama’s ratings on key personal characteristics are down in recent months, two in three Americans still regard him as a strong and decisive leader (67%) and believe he understands the problems Americans face in their daily lives (66%).

Bill Sumrall said...

Infidel753's comment sparked my memory of a 1968 film titled "The Power," about someone whose IQ skipped ahead 1,000 generations but who chose to live undetected amongst the rest of us.
Actor George Hamilton plays a scientist who tries to find this "brainiac" and ends up fighting Aldo Ray.
Hamilton confronts Ray, who reveals he was ordered TEN YEARS EARLIER to kill the scientist or anyone asking questions.
But ... perhaps I've said too much ... what's that? Who's there! Oh, no -- ALDO RAY!