A tabloid trilogy


The blogosphere is always anxious to point out bias. Ha, ha, ha!

Seems Sean Hannity’s latest claim is making the blog rounds, not to mention YouTube.

On Friday, May 1, I was listening to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ briefing on C-SPAN. Gibbs had repeatedly fielded questions regarding whether Supreme Court Justice David Souter had contacted President Obama about his resignation. Gibbs repeatedly told the reporters that as of his briefing, the answer was “no.”

I was amused when Obama walked in to let reporters know he had just heard from Souter, and laughed out loud when Gibbs continued the briefing by saying, “before I was so rudely interrupted.” I could not see that reporters had stood when Obama entered the room.

Hannity, with his usual pouty indignation, has shown videoclips of reporters remaining seated when Bush made similar appearances. Of course, he’s claiming disrespect for Bush and media support of the Democratic Party.

Sean, my boy, has it occurred to you that George W. Bush did very little during his administration to command respect? And, if you are just now realizing the media likes Obama, you’d better crawl back under your rock.

Further, can you unequivocally tell your audience that Fox News was NOT biased in favor of Bush?


Elizabeth Edwards can be seen in a “no-holds-barred” interview about her husband’s infidelity on “Oprah,” Thursday, May 7. (Check local listings for time.)

From what I’ve heard of the Oprah promos, Elizabeth is willing to reveal just enough salacious insight guaranteed to sell a million copies of her tell-all book, “Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life’s Adversities” – being released the same day.

Faithful readers here will tell you DemWit never trusted John Edwards. Back in the early days of this blog I stated that I wouldn’t spit on Edwards if he were on fire. I admitted that was harsh. This was during the early days of his 2008 campaign and long before he confessed to an extramarital affair.

At the time, I wrote:

John Edwards is worth $54.7 million, and if I hear one more of his "I'm po’ folks like you" ads here in South Carolina, I am going to throw up! He made a dig at Hillary's emotional moment yesterday, then denied it was a dig on Morning Joke this morning. He knew he was lying, and they knew he was lying. As my mother used to say, "I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him." –END-

Remember when this jerk paraded his wife out and used her recurring cancer to announce his presidential run? Same guy who never missed an opportunity to mention his own son’s tragic death.

I can pretty much trust my gut instinct about folks, and with John Edwards, I was dead on.

Is there a pattern in this family of using adversity as a selling point?

If you just can’t wait for all this on Oprah, you can read about the interview in The New York Times: HERE


Sally Quinn, noted Washington hostess and wife of former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee (my journalism hero), is taking fire across the Internet.

Ms. Quinn, in a recent “Our Faith” blog post, dared to ask readers whether Elizabeth Edwards’ forgiveness - like Hillary Clinton before her - might be “enabling” men like her husband.

Mrs. Edwards claim that this is a “private matter is not a private matter at all,” Ms. Quinn writes. She claims Mrs. Edwards encouraged her husband to run for the presidency knowing he had lied and could be found out and could hurt his supporters and the Democratic Party and, if elected, the country. “This man was running for President of the United States on a lie, and she knew it,” Ms. Quinn writes. “She stood by and let him lie and lie and lie.”

If you are interested, you can read Ms. Quinn’s post, “Forgiving or Enabling Immoral Behavior,” HERE.

All this reminds me: don’t forget to wash your hands often.


Frodo Not Infallibus said...

He was not wromg to identify "Two Americas," which proves only that even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

BBJ said...

I wasn't an Edwards fan either, BJ. Girl, you tell it straight. Love your blog.

Bill Sumrall said...

As far as enabling bad behavior goes, Connie Culp may take the cake, so to speak.
Culp, who underwent the first face transplant surgery, reportedly said she forgives her common law husband for shooting off most of her face in 2004 with a shotgun.
Photos of Culp show her wearing eyeglasses but don't be fooled as I initially was -- she was blinded by the attack, according to what I read.
He's in jail for seven years, set to be released in 2012, after the failed murder-suicide attempt, which he by the way survived.
Culp said not only does she forgive him but would take him back upon release, at least according to the last report I read.
Riddle me that, Batman.
I'd be sure he (and she) got lots of therapy so he doesn't try for a more successful repeat of history upon release.
And, while her forgiveness is noble, I'd advise she seriously re-think the "taking him back upon release" idea.

Tiny said...

Tiny agrees with Mr. Sumrall that forgiveness is noble. However the old axion is:He/She who forgets his/her past is prone to repeat it. Forgiveness doesn't mean you have to trust the person again, even if they sprout wings.

It seems John Edwards shot his wad when he was John Kerry's running mate. He and Newt Gringwich are poster boys for both parties of how insensitive, egotistical little boys in long pants treat spouses with cancer and/or other tragic health problems as John McCain did his first wife.

Tiny believes Elizabeth Edwards would have been a better presidential candidate than John. She is more intelligent and reliable. Unfortunately her health would have been her defeat.

B.J. said...

Mr. Sumrall: As strange as it seems, John Wayne Bobbit wants Lorena back and is sending her flowers.

Thanks for commenting, guys! BJ