'Liberalism will kill you'

On Saturday, 16 May 2009, Republicans convened at Savannah in the state of Georgia to promote the concept that theirs is a “party of diversity.”

This they would prove to a “mostly white, trending older” audience with a few token – yes, token – black speakers and college students.

“We are watching a wholesale undermining of what your mother and father built in this nation,” Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele told the gathering. “And, they are being cute about it by using flowery language and Teleprompters.”

“The Republican Party’s credibility as the reliably conservative choice has been damaged, and it’s up to us to fix it,” Steele said, “faith, freedom, personal responsibility, respect for life and prosperity.”

Then he warned, “Like a bad diet, liberalism will kill you. It’s a drug we don’t need to be hooked on. We are what stand between an America of prosperity or dependency. Which one do you want?” (READ ARTICLE)

I am in agreement with one of Mr. Steele’s points:

“Liberalism will kill you.”

LIBERALISM WILL KILL YOU if you believe it is time for the radical right to stop using the tragedy of 9/11 as a rallying point for fearmongering and warmongering.

LIBERALISM WILL KILL YOU if you heard former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on “Meet the Press” Sunday spewing all the pro-torture talking points. (TRANSCRIPT) Here’s an example:

“Let me just say, I think people should be afraid. I think the lesson of 1993, the first time they bombed the World Trade Center, was fear is probably appropriate. I think the lesson of Khobar Towers, where American servicemen were killed in Saudi Arabia, was fear is probably appropriate. I think the lesson of the two embassy bombings in east Africa was fear is probably appropriate. I think the lesson of the Cole being bombed in Yemen was fear is probably appropriate. I'll tell you, if you aren't a little bit afraid after 9/11 and 3,100 Americans killed inside the United States by an effort, if you weren't worried about the second-wave attack that was designed to take out the biggest building in Los Angeles, I think that, that you are out of touch with reality.”

LIBERALISM WILL KILL YOU if you comprehend that fear is a weapon of mass destruction.

LIBERALISM WILL KILL YOU if you worry that a few hundred alleged terrorists can sit in cells in Guantanamo Bay and rip this country apart.

LIBERALISM WILL KILL YOU if, in your heart, you believed January 20, 2009, was a turning-point where Americans would come together to solve a myriad of domestic issues and improve this country’s image in the world – only to find ourselves mired once more in partisan bickering and retro sabre-rattling.

LIBERALISM WILL KILL YOU if you simply cannot comprehend, cannot cope with a growing incapacity in this country to distinguish right from wrong.

LIBERALISM WILl KILL YOU if you recognize that the so-called “liberal elite media” push profit margins by providing a microphone for every radical-right kook in the country.

LIBERALISM WILL KILL YOU if you paid very close attention to what happened to this country over the last eight years, and your only hope is that “the great common human heart of us all” will prevent it from ever happening again.

And, finally …

LIBERALISM WILL KILL YOU if you come to grips with the reality that reason is no protection from insanity.


Falzone for Liberalism said...

Bravo B.J. your delivery ad format was wonderful. We could continue to use this format as a powerful method to hit them where it hurts.

Newt said "if you aren't a little bit afraid after 9/11 and 3,100 Americans killed inside the United States by an effort,"

-and I say-

Liberalism will kill you if you believe that it's excusable that 45 MILLION AMERICANS die each year from the lack of health coverage and we should do nothing, yet we must torture, and bomb a nation into blood and rubble if a handful of radicals carry out one or two attacks.

Falzone for honesty said...


An estimated 18000 to 22000 people die each year due to lack of health insurance.

I heard the mention of 45000 people on C-span. I wrote 45 million by mistake.

Frodo, Resurrectus said...

There needs to be a loyal opposition. Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and Dick Cheney are not the best that the Republican Party has to offer. George W. Bush is responsible for the trainwreck that is the Republican Party today. Strangely enough, it will be Barack Obama that helps to rebuild the two-party system by the depth and the sincerity of the debate. It will begin when the Al Sharpton clone, Michael Steele, grows a brain, and the return to civility will be accompanied by "men" who challenge each other intellectually, again.

Tiny said...

Yeah, liberalism will kill you by informing you that our cherished Constitution is "just a piece of paper." That international laws only apply to foreigners. That water-boarding is about the same as skate-boarding.

Kudos to Frodo for pointing out that liberalism will kill you when human cloning is only permitted for a select few of neo-cons.

BJ, kudos for keeping readers up to date with investigative reporting, even if you have to use those drated Teleprompters. LOL

But don't despair, Reagan had to have three Teleprompters because he wanted one in front of the podium also so "people would think he was looking at them as he spoke." Isn't petty knit-picking by neos just the greatest?

B.J. said...

Good comments, guys! Falzone, I knew you had a typo. I believe the 45 million number represents those in this country who have NO medical insurance. I know younger couples with children, who work and who are not insured for health care. They live in constant fear of getting sick. So, your point works with the 45 million figure as well. BJ