A hobbit's lesson

Every once in a while, the hobbit outdoes himself. The following post, from “Frodo, Keeper of the Ring,” is reprinted here with permission.

In Frodo's words:

Nobody Gets Too Much Lovin' These Days
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Frodo has previously written about recurrent dreams from his days at the College of the Shire. Without explanation, he may still awaken convinced that he is three credits short of graduation. It is rare, however, that Frodo determines to take pen in hand (or keyboard en lap) in order to communicate something important as if he were an academician-in-training. He has felt that way ever since he finished reading "Charlie Wilson's War" by George Crile, then watched the movie by the same title, starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and the incredibly talented Philip Seymour Hoffman. Add in the Diaspora of Nancy Pelosi, and Frodo feels that he must structure a few syllables in order to put some perspective on the stumbling Speaker of the House of Representatives.

"Charlie Wilson's War" is a book that should, indeed, be read by everyone. Unfortunately, George W. Bush will be among the most prominent of those unable to find time to assimilate the factual presentation of how the United States came to provide the means for the mujahideen to defeat the Soviet Army and to set the stage for our present unpleasantness following in their footsteps.

Throughout his reading, Frodo was struck by the precision shown by the author as he defined the relationship between the elected officials, usually former Rep Charles Wilson (D-TX), and the federal employess (usually from the Clandestine Services of the CIA).

The relationship between the Members of Congress and CIA employees has a sharp surge of relevance due to the cross-hairs fixed on Ms. Pelosi, and her own feeble attempts to put things into context. In the book it is clearly and definitively established that the "briefings" provided to Members of Congress are far afield from what most people seem to think. For the most part, the briefings are "one-on-one" and differ in both tone and content, depending on who does the briefing, and who is being briefed. Charlie Wilson, for example, built a relationship of trust with the CIA employee giving him a briefing, and the CIA employee (Gust Avrakotos, in real life) found himself dealing with a Congressional benefactor who was not only knowledgeable about Afghanistan, but was serious about doing something important. These two guys went toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose, on specific points, and the briefings must have been amazing. They, in fact, determined policy together, and they, therefore, probably broke the law.

Imagine, however, if Gust developed "Swine Flu" and was home sick for several days when he was supposed to be briefing Wilson. Whoever would have replaced him would have been much more circumspect, and certainly less "sharing," if you will, about the items on hand. Remember, dear reader, this was not a committee hearing, and there is no official record about the briefing, only the "notes" entered into "the file" by the CIA employee. The employee, regardless of responsibility, is classified as a government "bureaucrat," evaluated and compensated in exactly the same manner as your local IRS Auditor, Customs Inspector, or Social Security Benefits Analyst. They are employees of the Executive Branch of Government, and their "briefings" of Members of Congress are a courtesy, with the subject matter limited at the direction of the Administration.

It is likely, in Frodo's mind, and pulling from his own experience, that Ms. Pelosi was, by benefit of office, receiving briefings from CIA employees. Despite her rank in the Congress, she probably had a lesser degree of interest in these specific issues, as presented, than would someone like Charlie Wilson, who was living, breathing, drinking every bit of information he could get. Charlie Wilson would have determined immediately, had the situations changed, that the CIA was doing some really heavy stuff in attempting to elicit information from detainees. Ms. Pelosi, with all due respect, had all sorts of other things on her mind, domestic and foreign, and simply didn't pick up on the severity of the issue. Therein lies the "mea culpa" of Nancy Pelosi.

Frodo doesn't think the CIA lied, in this instance. They just didn't answer the questions that had not been asked. Frodo, as a "bureaucrat" would have done exactly the same thing, unless, of course, he felt it imperative to share classified information outside the limits of the law. Had he done so, Frodo would still be in jail. Had Ms. Pelosi been so alerted, John Kerry may have been elected President in 2004 (and, gasp, John Edwards).

Therein lies the lesson. Class dismissed.


I can add nothing to the pennings of the hobbit other than to second his recommendation of “Charlie Wilson’s War,” both book and movie.

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Frodo, Secret Agent Man said...

Frodo is humbled. For those who choose to do so, tune in tomorrow (to read what is written this eve), and bring a hankie.

Tiny said...

Tiny watched the TV program of Charlie Wilson's life re: Charlie's war. She also has the DVD of "Charlies's War" where everyone involded affirm that Charlie won the war and dub it "Charlie's War." Tiny would also like to congratulate Frodo for his find documation of the facts surrounding this event.

However, GW Bush's war is a lion of a different stripe. His was first, a religious war to appease his neo-cons who convinced themselves they were getting their orders direct from God's headquarters to bring about the neo "fantasy rapture" where those pious saints were going to be taken up in a "fantasy rapture" as God's only "righteous saints" while leaving the rest of us heathers behind to suffer the consequences of their make belief "great tribulation.

Dubya told the world his number one philosopher was Jesus Christ. Seems Jesus decided to change his name to Donald Rumsfeld whose Archangel Paul Wolfiwitz delivers these daily angelic messages, peppered with Biblical Quotes, for Unky Don Rumsfeld to pass onto their political messiah GW Bush. Archangel Wolfiwitz omitted the fact that God has no special neo spoiled brats that stand head and shoulder above the rest of God's children in the world. I know it's going to be devastating to the neos to be apprised that we're all equal

Second, Dubya's war was a war of revenge because, as his 2000 campaign mantra filled the airways, "Saddam tried to kill my dad." Political Messiah Bush failed to inform that his dad tried to do the same to Saddam. Both Pappy and Dubya Bush were pissed that Saddam had a mosaic bust of George H.W. Bush at the entrance of the Al-Rashidi
Hotel where everyone was daily walking on pappy's face. That's why the hotel entrance was target bombed by US forces while housing our western journalists. And God's top lieutenants, Dubya and Rummy, laughed and fiddled while Iraq burned (and NOLA drowned). Reactions were - Iraq:"Reporters had no business being in the Al-Rashidi anyway."

"After Gulf War 1, Saddam Hussein commissioned a mosaic of George HW Bush to be embedded on the floor of the lobby of Al-Rashidi Hotel, a favorite of journalists and foreigners. This forced hotel frequenters to tread upon the face of the former President. When George W. Bush's troops went into Iraq in 2003, they made sure to desecrate and deface the mosaic in his father's image." (http://ambassadors.net/editorial.htm)

NOLA reaction:"Happy Birthday John
(McCain) and Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!"

Tiny feels vindicated on both counts of the Bush Iraq War. She warned people a vote for Bush was a vote for another Iraq war and they would have blood on their hands. Reports in black and white are proving her case.

However the remaining 20% neo-cons are clinging for dear live to their belief that they can force a "fantasy rapture" for them and a "fantasy great tribulation" for the rest of us.

Nonetheless, Tiny might concede that Bush bankrupting the USA might be that great tribulation in an economic disguise. But hey! The neos are having to endure it too!

In the meantime, Tiny, is going to put her body, that feels like an abused pin cushion, back to bed to continue to sleep off anesthesia from her stint last night as "pin up girl."