Judge delays Maserati crash bond ruling

A judge has delayed ruling on bond for John Gilbert Ludwig, Jr., of Greenville, S.C., charged with murder in the death of William Frederick “Bill” Bardsley, 62, of Travelers Rest.

In a bond hearing at 9 a.m. Friday, some new facts came out:

* Ludwig had $10,000 cash in his possession when arrested at his sister’s Georgia home. The solicitor said Ludwig is a “flight risk.”
* According to the solicitor the Maserati “traveled 135 feet on the road and 342 feet onto grass in a field before there was any sign of braking.” (He did not indicate whether this information came from the vehicle's black box.)

* Reports say the car went airborne over a nine-foot embankment and was traveling at 65 mph when it crashed into the rear of the victim’s home.

Via closed-circuit television, Ludwig made the following statement, which, in my opinion, was strange and could be interpreted as offensive, but I’ll let the reader make that determination:

"For those who truly know me, they know that I'd give nothing short of my own life to bring Mr. Bardsley back. I hear his family's not there (at the bond hearing), but were they there, I want to say I'd give my full sorrows to them. I'm a man of action, and I'm not just going to have him in my thoughts and prayers, but he's going to live through the acts of me through the rest of my life. I can't say how sorry I am. Thank you."

“He’s going to live through the acts of me” is probably not an appropriate statement under the circumstances.

During the week DemWit was following this case, there was a great deal of interest. Some 500 visitors, not just from South Carolina, but from all over the country and as far away as China and Australia googled their way to this site. Ludwig owns a successful computer-related business with offices across the Southeast.

To read my previous posts on this case, use the “search blog” window above and put in “John Gilbert Ludwig.”

For the latest details in this case, here are two local articles:




Papamoka said...

What school is this guy a principal from?

B.J. said...

Er, well, er, you see it’s like this, Papamoka. That was another local case DemWit covered.

Puzzled said...

If this dude is such a successful business man, why the hell was he arrested for burglary? What did someone have that Ludwig's money would not buy? Is this entire planet just one great big mental institution? Makes one wonder!

Papamoka said...

I'm bad BJ. I get your email links confused. I'm going to go stand in the corner for ten minutes.

Papamoka said...

This guy is still an Ass with a capital A. Or is that capitol? Then again it could be capitual? No matter, he is still an ass.

B.J. said...

Dear Puzzled:

When we think of “burglary,” we picture a guy with a mask and a bagful of silver candlesticks. Apparently, the charge stems from a situation involving Ludwig, his estranged wife and another man. I went back and found the following information on the burglary charge:

“In July of last year, Ludwig, 36, was charged after officers said he kicked in the door of the home of a man, chased the man and then struggled with police who responded to the scene.

“After those charges, Ludwig was ordered to post $1 million in bond. That amount was later reduced to $100,000.

“The burglary charge is still pending in Circuit Court, but prosecutors decided not to pursue the resisting arrest charge.

“According to court documents, as conditions of his bond, Ludwig was required to remain on house arrest with GPS monitoring, and not to have any contact with or to come within half a mile of his wife or the man whose apartment he is accused of breaking into.

“In later court hearings, conditions of house arrest and the prohibition against any contact with Donavon Ludwig were dropped from the bond order.

“In August of last year, Ludwig was charged with harassment after he was accused of making repeated contact with his estranged wife.

“According to court documents, that case was dropped when Donavon Ludwig said that she no longer wished to prosecute the case.”

If you read between the lines, it is easy to imagine what one might be looking for in the apartment of another man. Purely speculation.

Frodo, the Scarlet Pimpernel said...

This reminds Frodo of one of the great comedic lines in TV history. Jessica, on "Soap," hears someone say that Plato was homosexual, and her response was "Mickey Mouses's dog was gay?"

Speculation, dear Merry, may lead in two directions.

Anonymous said...

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