The lady

A lady lies upon a gurney, bleeding to death.

Two physicians stand nearby arguing.

Each thinks his methods are the better. Each thinks the other’s will be harmful to the lady.

On and on and on they bicker.

Soon, their arguments are moot.

The lady has died.

Fade to black.

The lady is America. She has died from conflicting ideologies.


airth10 said...

BJ. I think you are being too loose with the term ideology. You are accusing both sides of being ideologues, when really one side is determined to be so. The other side is taking a pragmatic, more engaged approach to America's problems.

Frodo, remembering coat hangers said...

Somebody just shot and killed one of the doctors.

Tiny said...

Unfortunately American politics helped to lead to the demise. Read the book review of: Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald's new book, "Invisible History: Afghanistan's Untold Story."


Here's hoping things get turned back into a constructive direction.

B.J. said...

This post was just a reaction to listening to the Battle of Sotomayor Sunday morning on "Meet the Press."

And, yes, Rush Limbaugh really is a "big, fat idiot."

I didn’t understand Frodo’s words here until I heard the news this morning (Monday) on CBS.

Since I love the quote so much, here it is again – without the typo:

“Oh, what gifts the giftees gie us, to see ourselves as others see us.”


B.J. said...


The real terror exists in the subject of Michael’s post: people who will not bother to acertain facts and think for themselves.

It is apparent you have very little knowledge of Islam, one of the three great religions of the world. Whether you yourself are religious, this religion holds great sway over many of the world’s peoples. Acquaint yourself with it.

Many atrocious acts have been done in the name of Christianity. The KKK come to mind.

I would bet the farm you as a citizen of the United States have not taken an hour to listen to the speech made at Cairo University by your president. I would also bet you’ve heard plenty of takes on it from right-wing pundits.

Instead of spending so much time leaving comments, I suggest you make much better use of your time by going to these two links and becoming better informed. You’ll be so glad you did.

Obama’s Speech at Cairo University

How To Detect Propaganda

Best, BJ