The Roberts record

The Progress Report, 18 May 2009, gives us this quote from Jeffrey Toobin of The New Yorker:

"In every major case since he became the nation's 17th chief justice, [John] Roberts has sided with the prosecution over the defendant, the state over the condemned, the executive branch over the legislative, and the corporate defendant over the individual plaintiff. Roberts has served the interests, and reflected the values, of the contemporary Republican Party.”

Read Toobin’s in-depth profile of the High Court’s chief justice:

“No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Supreme Court’s stealth hard-liner,” The New Yorker, 25 May 2009.


A brief post follows.

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Frodo, a Better Judge said...

"John Roberts is the George Wallace of the 21st Century."--Frodo Baggins

Decrying Affirmative Action while tolerating legacy admittance to educational institutions is no different than a public denial of equal justice under the law. George W. Bush went to Harvard okay, but that meant that someone better qualified didn't get to go. John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States speaks for the maintenance of a system that favors rich over poor. Politely, Roberts sucks!