Waiting for my muse

DemWit is heavy on my mind. I am so uninspired right now. We just knew so much about what was going on in the eight years of the Bush administration, and I now feel like a fish out of water since I no longer have any real news coming my way.

When I check headlines on various Web sites, they cater to the pop-culture set (just as cable news does), and I find nothing in the way of real news. Not opinion, but current events. I still find The Progress Report, the daily newsletter from the Center for American Progress, very helpful (when I get a chance to read it).

I just figure I've got no business blogging until I've got something to offer my readers. Maybe a fire will be lit in a day or so.

In the meantime, I’ve finished listening again to the first two Harry Potters and will start on the third in a few minutes. This second trip to Hogwarts is deeper, fuller, richer than the first.

A most amazing thing when a muse inspires 4,400 pages of fiction. I’m just looking to share a few lines of truth.


airth10 said...

BJ, I remember when even during the Bush administration there were moments like this.

Perhaps the 'swine flue' will become a bigger story, one you can cover.

airth10 said...


tiny said...

If you want to do some good investigative work, you might consider finding the root of the "Anthrax" scare!

Swine Flu and all the talk about flu shots, According to the Good Book, we are told, "Cast not your pearls among swine." Tiny keeps her pearls covered in her back pockets.

B.J. said...

Airth: You are right! Those times were born of frustration with an accepting public and media. It’s a shame the Obama administration has to deal with the Bush-Cheney leftovers.

But, like my “wit hits” selections in DemWit’s sidebar, it’s not the major issues I want to cover. I know readers can find those on other sites. I aim at imparting useful information which might otherwise be overlooked.

The U.S. congressman, Pete Hoekstra (R - MI), on C-SPAN yesterday who said detainees weren’t thrown against brick walls, but were thrown against “flexible walls” would have been a good post. But, how many times can I point out what idiots Republican leaders are?

Tiny: I’m not sure my muse resides in a pig pen, LOL.

Thank you both for always being faithful readers!


tiny said...

No, BJ, Tiny didn't intimate your muse resided in a pig pen. That's where Rush Limbaugh's resides. Tiny was just telling you she isn't going to cast her pearl among swine for any shots!

That's what she told patients back in the laate 70s (1976) when they came in the office and ask if she had gotten her swine shot yet. Just let them know she was keeping her's covered in her uniform back pockets.

Infidel753 said...

'swine flue'

There's a pig in your chimney? Me, I was hoping it was "swine flew". People are always using that expression "when pigs fly" and I was hoping it had finally happened.

B.J. said...

OK, if we are sticking with this theme, here is an episode title from one of my all-time favorite TV dramas, “Cracker” with Robbie Coltrane:

“One Day a Lemming Will Fly.”

Frodo, Champion of Writer's Block said...

Necessity is the Mother.

by Michael Boh said...

BJ - I'm a Harry Potter fan too - I've read them all many times. :)