The most egregious Bush

There is a growing public outcry for justice in the Bush administration’s use of torture and the breaking of long-standing laws preventing “man’s inhumanity to man.”

Many of us are still wondering how Bush & Co. got away with what they did to Valerie Plame Wilson – blowing her cover as a covert CIA operative. Cheney’s loyal lieutenant Lewis “Scooter” Libby was as high as the punishment went, when the whole damn bunch should have been frog-marched to justice. There’s a movie coming out about all this, “Fair Game,” based on Plame Wilson’s book. Let’s hope it opens some eyes. In the meantime, her husband, former Ambaassador Joseph Wilson IV says Cheney is a hypocrite for wanting certain torture memos declassified to prove his point, while refusing to release secret memos denied the CIA leak investigation (LINK).

Then, there’s 9/11. The conspiracy theorists will never give up on this, continually knocking the scab off one of our deepest wounds. There’s a guy out in Oklahoma giving it his heartfelt best, trying to prove that the recent cancellation of a scheduled Oklahoma University speaker is all part of the great “9/11 conspiracy.” (LINK)

This determined soul contends that CIA agent Michael Scheuer, described in the speech promo as "the long-time chief of the Bin Laden tracking center," was canceled for a reason. The writer asserts that OU president David Boren, a former U.S. Senator with “many ties to the CIA,” was somehow connected to that old story that bin Laden met with a CIA agent while being treated at an American hospital in Dubai in July 2001. At the time that story was reported in Le Figaro in France, a United Press International story (LINK) revealed the CIA had denied all this as “absolute nonsense.” Will we ever know everything behind what happened on that fateful day? Probably not. The story, like the JFK assassination, has taken its place in the conspiracy theory hall of fame.

I contend that there is something else left over from the Bush administration – something that continues nagging at my mind – which could have been more egregious than any of these occurrences – real or imagined.

A more egregious crime as defined by this country’s laws.

This claim is not that of a conspiracy theorist. I plow through many reliable sources and tons of documentation to back up my conclusions.

As early as 2002, just months after 9/11, I began to detect a PATTERN in the actions of the Bush administration. In almost every instance of breaking stories which were “bad news” for the Bush White House, there was an accompanying “terror alert.” I contended at the time these alerts were aimed at fearmongering and diverting publlc attention. I began to document these occurrences and relayed them in several blog posts.

After about five years of this pattern – ignored by the public and the MSM - one person dared to make it very public. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann began to take a serious look at some undeniable facts.

Relying heavily on Olbermann’s transcripts, in June of 2007, I gathered together information – his and mine - for a post on my “I See My Dreams” blog. At that time, there was no evidence that anyone bothered to read the post. Too long.

If an American president continually attempted to frighten Americas, feeling very vulnerable after 9/11, just to cover his ass, that, in my opinion, is a crime which must not be forgotten.

As layers of subterfuge and secrecy are peeled away, things which seem unreasonable become plausible.

The following post is an investment in time, perhaps about 30 minutes, but if you, dear reader, have any doubts about this claim, read the facts for yourself – and for your country:

“It’s your country: read or ignore,” I See My Dreams, 7 June 2007: LINK


airth10 said...

I was wondering, if an attack like 9/11 occurred today would the Republicans support Obama like the Democrats supported Bush? I don't think so, like they haven't supported him in mending the economy.

Bush&Co abused the Democrat's almost unquestionable support by using 9/11 and its traumatizing of the American people to instigate its own agenda and enforce its ideology.

I am no conspiracy thinker but I have this sense that Bush&Co let 9/11 happen so they could use it as a pretext to realize and instill their agenda.

Republicans are dirtier players. That's because they never speak to the TRUTH but want to invent it. And to do so they have to use every dirty trick in the book, every spin and every smear.

tiny said...

BJ, you are sure one gutsy lady to keep this blog going with all the facts that are such a big time saver for all of us. God bless you for all your great skills that you put forth on our behalf

You are one great voice that the world needs to be hearing over the airways. You could be a much in demand lawyer or high ranking judge.

I hear Obama is going to be appointing a new one for the Supreme Court. Think you might apply? You would round up all the DC and Wall Street crooks and shake the foundations of the whole areas.

We appreciate all that you do to keep us educated.

tiny said...

Tiny remembers the "fearmongering post. Guess that why she ask if you were going to solve the anthrax mystery. See how much the people need to hear you on a bull horn! You would be a welcome and calming voice to the masses, while you're busy kicking asses.

Gregg Sutton said...

You know, Demwit, only an idiot would have failed to notice this “pattern” through the Bush years. Why was it ignored? The John Ashcroft press conferences convinced me. But you put it all into words, and I will encourage all to examine this post and the link you’ve provided, an excellent recap. You know, Tiny, I think you might be on to something.

Falzone for America said...

While I don't naturally assume that all conspiracy theories are true I am convinced that many of the gymnastics performed by the Government, (mainly Republican), are due to a grand design. Many of the activities which can seem to be unplanned and happenstance are found to be the result of conspiracy to one degree or another.

Take the Domino Theory for example. I will never be convinced that foreign policy experts believed the fakery used to justify our involvement in Vietnam.

So let me say that I have no doubt that the tactics used by Bush related to the terror threat level and their convenient timing, were propaganda. I am not shocked or impressed. I believe that the very lies Bush used in entering the war were as the lies used to enter Vietnam and remain for 10 plus years. I believe that the Anthrax mailed to Democratic members of Congress had CIA origins.

I have been told that a friend knew someone who is an active CIA agent and that person told them that we will be hearing of the horrors committed by the Bush thing for many decades. Call me what you like. I think I’m a realist.

B.J. said...

“The Bush thing.” Falzone! You are great. Why aren’t you applying all these good writing skills to your own blog? Do you thnk being a Taurus makes you and me the realists we are? Hmmm. Going to the blues joint tonight? Or, are you watching this discussion about broken torture laws on C-SPAN? BJ P.S. Thanks, guys for all the comments!

bbj said...

BJ, what can I add? You're the greatest. Thank you for these posts.