On Balance, America Moves Ahead

Millions, maybe billions, of words are being written today – across the world – about President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office.

I salute The Progress Report for its excellent recap of the achievements during these days and their impact on America. And, for its second report on those who wish to obstruct Obama’s – and America’s – progress.

You might want to copy and keep or even share these two reports – worth reading:

“Radical Right: 100 Days of Opposition,” 28 April 2009: LINK

“Adminstration: Obama’s 100 Days of Progress,” 29 April 2009: LINK

OBAMA – On Balance, America Moves Ahead!

Don’t miss our president’s prime-time news conference tonight at 8 ET.


B.J. said...

FROM GALLUP: At the 100-day mark, President Obama earns kudos for the job he is doing from majorities of nearly all major categories of Americans. Beyond extensive support from Democrats and minorities, Obama gets his highest ratings from low-income Americans, the young, Easterners, and postgrads.

Frodo, Friends of Bo said...

Hobbits, too!