Reading the tea leaves

A brief message to all those “salt of the earth,” hard-working Americans hitting the streets in tea-party protests against – what? – taxes, government spending, President Obama:

In 2010, President Bush's tax cuts will give millionaires more in tax breaks than 90 percent of Americans will earn in income.

You might want to read that again.

Here’s the numbers-crunching.


Infidel753 said...

A perceptive point. I wonder how many of the teabaggers will ever manage to become aware of it. There has been a red-to-blue shift (scroll down for map) which I think represents a realization by many non-wealthy Republican voters that in the past they were essentially scammed into voting against their own economic interest. What still remains among the core-right is the population most resistant to grasping such concepts.

Another way of looking at it is that Obama's tax plan will still leave tax rates on the richest people much lower that they were during the administration of that pinko Commie socialist, Ronald "hammer-and-sickle" Reagan. Conservatives pine for the days of Reagan's popular leadership, but if he came back today, he'd probably be denounced as a RINO.

airth10 said...

The 'tea party' was an embarrassment for conservatives and Republicans. It was a tepid, non-intellectual response to the serious problems America faces today. It resembles the Rovian, juvenile spin Republicans used in attacking other liberal policies. It worked pretty successfully in the past eight years. But I don't think this time around the American people will be fooled or distracted so.

tom said...

In order to appease its base audience, Faux News has moved farther to the right, something I didn’t think was possible. Promoting a populist uprising against Obama protects its bottom line. Fox viewers can’t be burdened with the truth.

By the way, the wife and kids and I read the Harry Potter books together as they came out. Happy muggles.

Bill Sumrall said...

Even Cal Thomas praised Obama's handling of the pirate crisis. And did you note McCain's daughter's "war within the Republican Party" talk to, of all people, the Log Cabin Republicans.
The times, they are a-changing indeed, and everyone is scrambling to get their street cred back.

tiny said...

Tiny told her emailers they would do a lot more good if they made tea for the homeless and needy instead of wasting them on an idiotic idea. And to serve some nourishing food with the tea.

Jeff ? from Pensacola, FL made it on camera and let the "Publicans" know who is responsable for all the tax bailout and who benefits from tax cuts.

Tiny has all the Harry Potter books and has read part of them. She loves the Potter stories, which the neo-cons hate. Instead, the neos love the Left Behind books. There's no difference bwtween the messages of good winning over evil.

Potter stories are for the masses and Left Behind is for...well...for the behinds!

Frodo, raising taxes on Texans said...

The 1%, who claim to pay 40% of the taxes, wail that it is wrong to tax "the most productive" the heaviest. Frodo fails to distinguish inherited wealth from the computation. "W", for example, would be classified as one of "the most productive." Frodo wonders if that distinction includes the cutting of brush (and other forms of "hard work").