Ranking the Bushies

The Progress Report ranks “43 Who Helped Make Bush the Worst Ever:” LINK


airth10 said...

I found it very satisfactory yesterday to see the George Bush's approval rating is at 22%, announced by CBS . That is a number I picked years ago to be his true resting place. I remember when Bush later gave his wife 22 karat earrings. I found that a good oman.

The list of the 43 people that helped Bush to be the worse president ever reflects worst on him and his supposed skills. Bush prided himself as being a good manager and a good judge of character. He failed miserably on both counts because he relied more on loyalty as a criteria than competence.

Tiny said...

The party of "family values" seems to have scraped the bottom of the crap barrel to come up with the list of low characters.

The Decider really knew how to pick the worst of the worst.

Is it any wonder he and Dick are trying to polish their horribly tarnished halos before returning to Texas with their heads tucked between their legs?