Instant gratification

I woke up this morning and microwaved the cold coffee in my pot. My feet are cold. It’s 17 degrees here, and my central heat is running off the wall. So, I’m worried about next month’s electric bill. The alimony checks finally arrived, and a friend is going to get them to the bank. I’m praying Medicaid will finally approve the application I mailed November 16. I need to get the water/sewer bill in the mail. Oh, Lord, I forgot a good friend’s birthday! (Not surprising, I talked with my 82-year-old brother Saturday and failed to mention it was our daddy's birthday.)

So, what’s my point? I woke up this morning and nothing has changed. After dancing the night away with Barack and the beautifully bedecked Michelle, there's no glass slipper, no pumpkin.

I thought Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address was one of most profound messages I’d ever heard. Somewhere in it, he warned us against our propensity for instant gratification.

Like my microwaved cold coffee.

I cannot even imagine where Obama will start when he walks into the Oval Office this morning. I wouldn't be in his shoes for, as my mother used to say, all the tea in China.

Even as the first couple danced, Raum Emanuel was already at work attempting to overturn some of the former president’s directives.

But, as Obama said, we must not expect overnight miracles. I believe he will work from day one on the myriad of problems he’s inherited, but we must be patient, and we must be proactive.

I rarely take note of the well-traveled political blogs, but last night I went to dailykos.com to see how that far-left outlet received Obama’s message. What I found there was sophomoric drivel. To quote one post, “Nyah, nyah, nyah.”

For right now, I believe the most important message Obama seeks to convey is his admonition from “The Love Chapter” in I Corinthians: “Put away childish things.”

Nothing new this morning. People stuck in Abraham Maslow’s first stage of development – people like Michelle Malkin and the wunderkinder of Daily Kos – just don’t get the wisdom of those well-chosen words.

Talk about shifting the deck chairs on the Titanic. It’s time to grow up, boys and girls. There are some things more important than your own petty preferences.


airth10 said...

One thing I noticed after the Inauguration is how much trash was left behind by people who came to witness it.

Now, Obama stressed that people should be more responsible. Picking up after yourself is part of that personal responsibility.

FrodoGoodNews said...

Sasha went to school this morning. Frodo is on his way back from Mount Doom. The trials at Gitmo were put on hold. The Russians are allowing supplies through to cobat the Taliban.

Chariot's a comin'.

airth10 said...

There is something that was learned from the Bush years about politics, that politics can not be monopolized like Karl Rove and the GOP tried to do.

Bush was really enabled by Karl Rove, who believed America had truly become a conservative nation. Rove believed that conservatism had corned the market in politics and that America would remain that way for a long time, based on demographics.

The trouble is when anyone has tried to corner the market in any commodity it has eventually failed and collapsed. With the commodity of politics there is no exception. When people try to corner a market and monopolize anything they inherently act in a corrupt, unethical fashion. Well, we can see that throughout the Bush years the GOP acted that way to stay in power. Eventually, though, it all came crashing down because it was held together through lies, deceit and false pretenses.

tiny said...

Tiny wept with joy and gratitude hearing the swearing in of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. And again this morning when she heard President Obama give his stern talk of how his administration would be run, the overturning of some of Bush's old crap.

And the swearing in of his senior staff was one to remember.VP Biden got a good one on Justice John Roberts. Tiny loves knowing we have down to earth people in office for a change, people who know what is best for the masses of the people.

A new era for America and the world has begun. A new era where human beings come first. May it be the best we have ever seen.

Falzone for America said...

The career politicians should be on notice after this historic event. We the people have shown that when we have on option to vote for a politician who is not one of the status quo in Washington we can get the job done to elect him/her in spite of the opponents' corporate support.

I am more amazed by Obama every time I here him speak to the public. I can't imagine a more powerful motivator. His assertions and promises must be very hard for even the most conservative citizen to deny. He goes right to the heart of every issue with solutions that leave no doubt about his independent, people centered ideology.

Congress should know that by opposing Obama's proposals they will damage their reputations and careers.

FrodoWatchingallthegirlsgoby said...

Frodo would like to raise a small flag of disagreement with his friend, Falzone for America. Frodo believes that the President invites disagreement, noting that he does not have a monopoly on good ideas. Frodo believes that the President is a "shaper," who can take input, of all kinds, and, as if it were "100 pounds of clay," make something out of it. There is, in this "painted house," room for everybody.

Falzone for America said...

Falzone for America agrees with Frodo. I think Obama, with the accuracy of a laser beam, identifies problems and their solutions. Then he speaks like a sage when he communicates to others describing the problem and its solution.

I also realize that he is wise enough to seek, assimilate, and integrate into his battery of weapons, the recommendations of as many other experts and interested parties as possible, including the general population.

I do not see a division between our two observations.

I am a male Mr. Frodo. I am conflicated about the name you selected for your reply heading. :)