Conjuring a dream job

A couple of friends have lost their jobs as companies downsize. Another’s job is threatened by fallout from General Motors’ woes.

I’m thinking of them - and a couple of million fellow Americans who have found themselves unemployed - as I sit at my computer this morning. My feet are freezing as a “winter weather advisory” is being broadcast on the tube.

So, let me conjure a dream job.

How would you like to live on an island in the Great Barrier Reef with no other responsibility than to explore the islands of the area and report on their splendor?

All that’s required is that you swim and snorkel and have good communication skills.

This caretaker job pays $100,000, and there’s a free house with a pool, insurance and travel expenses, and camera, computer and snorkeling equipment thrown in.

I must say the word “caretaker” might give you pause as that was the dream job in Stephen King’s “The Shining.”

If only such a job were available!

Well, it is! Tourism Queensland of Australia is offering the position, and you can read about it and how to apoly for it in this CNN report:


No finder’s fee is expected, just drop DemWit a postcard!


Papamoka said...

I'll be submitting multiple applications. Do you know where I can get a good deal on a barbie?

B.J. said...

No, but I know where you can get a good deal on a virgin!

LOL!!!!! BJ

Bill Sumrall said...

Yo, ho, ho, and away we go!

FrodooftheNorthernTerritories said...

The first requirement is that the incumbent must own an Australian Shepherd (it also helps if the dog is named "Croc," "Steve Irwin," or "Mick" (the Wonder Dog)). The second requirement is that the incumbent must be able to down an entire can of Foster's without a breath, belch, or anal discharge (two cans will guarantee you a second interview). Finally, the incumbent must be able to sing the entire song "Tie me Kanagaroo Down, Sport" from memory (partial credit is not allowed).

Annelle said...

Frodo, my husband could handle the can of Fosters, would a rottweiller do, and you don't want to hear him sing. I'll go along and be the token "virgin". Lol

Papamoka said...

ROFLMAO BJ!!!! Thanks for the link love. So does this mean you don't know where I can get a good deal on a Barbie? LOL!

I'll be sure to let the GTL know that you will be bidding on his auction. Too funny!

Tiny said...

As much as Tiny-Barbie, the adventurer, would love to take the position, the first two requirements scrub her from the list. When life guards give up on teaching you to swim, you know to stay in shallow water, not shallow minds. LOL

Barbie can communicate, use computer, manage the money and arrange the photos you take underwater.

Virgin? Oh, don't make a big issue over a little tissue. Let Barbie tie that Kangaroo down!

B.J. said...

Dear Readers: If you didn’t click on the “virgin” link in my comment above and read Papamoka’s post and his link within it to Gun Totin’ Liberal’s post, you missed a good laugh. We can all use a little humor. Tiny reports she laughed until her sides hurt, and I did, too! (On GTL’s site, you have to scroll down a little to get his “virginity” comments.) BJ

Good Southern Man said...

OMG! Great post and comments! I am definitely not a candidate for the first job BUT I have always secretly dreamed of having the job from the Shining. I think the reason the Shining happened was because he was there with Shelley Duval. I won't be going with her so I have nothing to worry about. LOL.

B.J. said...

GSM: You are right on about Shelley Duval. Between her and the little Big Wheel driving, pinky-twitching, “red rum” kid, I would have lost it, too!!! BJ

tom said...

B.J. - How's your bidding going on Gun Totin' Liberal's auction. Are you packed? LMFAO!!!!