'What Happened'

By now, if you have any interest in U.S. politics, you’ve heard the explosive quotes from former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s upcoming book, “What Happened.”

At the root of these revelations, published by Public Affairs, is the Bush White House attempt to CYA its bogus claims for invading Iraq - going so far as to contribute to the outing of a CIA covert operative.

We do not know how far McClellan will go in telling us “what happened,” but the publisher’s blurb on amazon.copum is as intriguing as the released quotes:

"In this refreshingly clear-eyed book, written with no agenda other than to record his experiences and insights for the benefit of history, McClellan provides unique perspective on what happened and why it happened the way it did, including the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, Washington's bitter partisanship and two hotly contested presidential campaigns.

“He gives readers a candid look into who George W. Bush is and what he believes, and into the personalities, strengths and liabilities of his top aides.

"Finally, McClellan looks to the future, exploring the lessons this presidency offers the American people as we prepare to elect a new leader."

ARTICLE: “Scott McClellan in Upcoming Book Admits Wrongdoing in Clearing Rove and Libby in CIA Leak Case,” Editor & Publisher, 20 November 2007: LINK

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