Sheer DRUDGE-ry

Right-wing bloggers take their cue from the Atwater-Segretti-Rove College of Dirty Tricks. If they can’t stand on their own merits, they can always just LIE about the opposition.

Case in point:

During Jack Cafferty’s segment of CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer (LINK) Tuesday, 13 November, he pointed out to Blitzer:

“I was clicking on The Drudge Report, and there you are, big as life, in the middle of the Drudge Report this afternoon, with a headline suggesting that the Hillary Clinton campaign is trying to intimidate you before you moderate this big debate in Las Vegas. What’s up with that?”

This exchange ensued:

BLITZER: Not true. No one has pressured me. No one has threatened me. No one is trying to intimidate me.

CAFFERTY: They'd better not. I'll come down there.

BLITZER: No one has even called me to try to pressure me or anything like that.

CAFFERTY: Where does a silly thing like that come from?

BLITZER: I don't know. You know, I try to suspect that maybe some rival campaigns are trying to create a little mischief, try to get her embarrassed a little bit getting into the debate Thursday night, but I have no idea where it's coming from. I have no idea who generated this story, but I can tell you I have not felt any pressure whatsoever.

CAFFERTY: What about Drudge just rushing this thing right onto the Web site without knowing if it's true or not?

BLITZER: Well, that's another story.

CAFFERTY: Well, that's - we may get into that at some point.

BLITZER: Maybe we will.

CONCLUSION: One of the first rules of good journalism is: when accusations are made, you always give the other fellow a chance to reply. Apparently, Mr. Drudge, preferred to attack the Clinton camp instead.

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