Rove-colored glasses

Presidential adviser. GOP guru. “Bush’s Brain.” “Turd Blossom.” A liar by any other name is still a liar.

Karl Rove, in a weekend interview with Charlie Rose, said, “Congress pushed Bush into war with Iraq prematurely.”

That’s right. That’s what he said. Would I lie?

For the best documented evidence that this is an outright lie, read the excellent coverage by Paul Abrams of The Huffington Post (LINK) and the Think Progress blog, which has excerpts from the interview as well as Congressional and Bush quotes from 2002 which refute Rove’s claims (LINK).

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Jan said...

Oh, what tangled webs they weave...
Jan thinks you would have to be brain dead to listen to this drug addict, let alone believe anything that rolls off the end of his tongue. Jan wonders at time if they really believe their own lies or just use them to thwart the truth to other people. Ho...Hum...Rush must have a very bored audience.

When he was doing ads for Florida orange juice, a majority of people had bumper stickers: "Flush Rush". Well the turd must have clung to the side of the septic tank

Jan said...

As for Rove, that Turd Blossom didn't lie to the special prosecutor either. Remember! He said so himself. Anyone who believes anything any of this bunch spouts they, too, are trapped in that tangled web. But when has any truth come out of the WH in the past seven years? Never!
And from all indications never will.

Do you wonder how they stand to look at themselves in the mirror each morning? Must be a gruesome, frightening picture staring back at them. So they project that ugly picture onto others VS facing the face in the glass.