Hillary's 'biggest fear'

My faithful readers know I have endorsed the presidential candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton from the day she announced. It’s not a gender thing, although I do confess my blood curdles over claims that “she wouldn’t be anywhere without Bill.”

I believe she is the most capable and most qualifed to lead our nation in these troubling times. While first lady, she visited with 82 foreign heads of state – presidents and prime ministers, princes and kings – and she never flinched at standing up for the rights of women and children in countries where such rights are limited.

Equally important to me is the fact that she can win this election. To bet on any other Democratic candidate to retake the White House is a risky wager. Far too risky, in my opinion, to take the chance.

There is an even more compelling reason to support Hillary Clinton: look at those who are trying to bring her down. Ask yourself “why?” The far-right is scared to death of another Clinton White House, and that makes Hillary my new best friend.

So, in this and future posts on DemWit, we will take a look at right-wing mouthpieces who will stop at nothing to stop her. Today, we’ll start with Rush Limbaugh.

On 19 November, Rush’s radio program was simulcast with Martha MacCallum’s “Live Desk” on Fox News (LINK).

While a great deal of the program consisted of Rush and Martha ga-gaing over the “new technology” which allowed this miracle of the airways (Imus simulcast for years, you twits!), the bulk of it fed Rush’s gargantuan ego. At one point, MacCallum says his is “a talent borrowed from God.”

Let’s fast forward to the subject of Hillary Clinton:

MacCallum begins the segment, “You said that you are Hillary Clinton's biggest fear. Why are you her biggest fear, Rush?”

“Well,” Rush replies with laughter, “I've got bull's-eyes on both sides of me. I think I'm the one that stands in the way of her ability - because of my audience reach, because of the loyalty and the size of my audience.”

That claim is easily negated. No devoted “Dittohead” would dream of voting for any Democrat.

“Mrs. Clinton (she has an official title, Rush, it’s Senator) is right now trying to get away with saying nothing specific about anything, because she wants to hide her true agenda, which is as close to socialism as the country will have ever been, if she gets her way, and she's trying to do the exact opposite. So anybody who's telling the truth about her and trying to warn people about what her candidacy and presidency represents, you become a target.

“And, since the Republicans haven't chosen a nominee yet - and, by the way, the Clintons don't just try to defeat people they consider their opponents; they try to ruin them. They try to destroy them, in terms of their credibility and so forth.

“There have been a couple - I'm drawing a blank - but there have been a couple of instances just recently. I don't think for a minute that the Harry Reid smear letter - she signed it.”

MacCallum nods agreememt, “Right.”

Rush continues, “That was an episode that was designed to impact negatively my ability to do business, using the force and the power of the federal government. These things are - nothing is coincidence with the Clintons.”

Two questions: From these quotes, is it clear to you, dear reader, WHY Rush is, as he claims, Hillary’s biggest fear? And, does he tell the radio/TV simulcast audience WHY they should not vote for Hillary Clinton? Aside from the propaganda technique conjuring “socialism,” the quotes, just like the entire program, were all about Limbaugh.

There is a singular distinction between Rush's “reach” and Senator Clinton's clout: it’s called “class” – some folks couldn’t even procure it with a doctor’s prescription.

RECOMMENDED: “Why Hillary’s Experience as First Lady Matters,” dailykos.com, 22 November 2007: LINK

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Beth said...

BJ, there was an excellent article about Senator Clinton in The New York Magazine several weeks ago. Very complimentary. The article quoted several of her professors in college and law school. They all praised her intelligence and leadership during the period they taught her. One law prof said that the faculty would have chosen Hillary over Bill in a heartbeat as the person who would someday be an important leader in our country.

I agree with your assessment of her abilities. She WILL make an outstanding president.