Novak's at it again

Read Robert Novak’s Saturday column, “Hillary vs. Obama:” LINK

Chris Matthews, on this a.m.’s “Morning Joke” (MSNBC), first had to ask what this was all about, then blamed the Clinton camp.

Matthews said Novak’s Saturday column is his “item column” and is rarely picked up by newspapers. The assumption is: Novak didn’t feel this report was that important. Or, maybe, just maybe, Novak wanted it to lead the news early on a Monday morning.

After months on end of ripping Novak during his reports on the Valerie Plame Wilson case, suddenly Matthews is declaring Novak one of the country’s greatest journalists. Matthews has been on a non-stop, ad hominem campaign against Hillary, and facts haven’t gotten in his way yet.

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airth10 said...

Never liked that Matthews.