Wishing her name were Jones

Out in “The Last Frontier” Senate race results will be slow coming, and a race to test Tea Party strength also tested the smarts of Alaskans.

The three-way race between Democratic Mayor Scott McAdams and Republicans, incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Tea Party favorite Joe Miller, yielded an interesting little challenge.

Murkowski has been in the U.S. Senate for eight years and her father was both Alaska’s governor and senator before her.

Because Murkowski ran as a write-in candidate, there was much concern as to whether Alaskans could spell her name correctly!

Wonder how much the big money guys behind the Tea Party candidates paid for bumper stickers and yard signs reading "Vote for Mercowsky"?

Remember, this is a state that elected Sarah Palin.


In the next post, DemWit makes a House call …

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