Mo, baby, you're brilliant!

You know, Mo, I once read somewhere that when the Communist Party uses a word it should be interpreted as “meaning the opposite.”

I thought of this as I read your New York Times column, “Republican Party Time” (11/2/10) and the words of the Speaker-to-be.

Disbelief turned to anger, and anger turned to tears as I read his words about the “liberal media elite” and the immorality in the Democratic Party and how “the elites in the White House were snuffing out the America of his boyhood.”

Then I got to the end of you column where you revealed your “dirty little secret,” and I gave out a hearty Chris Matthews “Ha!”


You made me realize that America has been through bad times before and no doubt will go through them again. But, there are good times, too. This country does go through periods of sanity, and the great programs and policies which have actually benefited Americans, by and large, have come in times when there was a Democrat in the White House.

I needed the reminder, Mo. “God help the Republic,” indeed!

Read Maureen Dowd’s little bit of genius HERE, then read it again. You’ll love it!


tnlib said...

WOW! Great column. I really don't know if I - or the country - can survive two years with Boehner as Speaker.

How do I hate thee
Let me count the ways

Bill Sumrall said...

Very Agatha Christie of you, Ms. Dowd.

Nance said...

Every time I hear that drumbeat against the elitists (the educated), I hear the echo of China's Great Revolution and their persecution of the elite.

Yo, Mo, You go!!!

Sue said...

Look at our past, every time we had struggles with the greatest legislations bursting through the walls of obstructionism it was the dems on the winning side. It was us fighting for Americans while the GOP kicked us and punched us, bullied us all the while crying "The American people do not want this"!!! They are obstructionists, they are fakes, they are frauds who pretend they care about America but all they care about is POWER!! You watch this next cycle, they will not move to the center like they are demanding our president to do! Who are these people and why do we give them even the slightest bit of power?!

Tiny humming said...

BJ, Tiny agrees with your "blilliant" column. Also agree with tnlib, Mr. Sumrall, Nance and Sue.

When it comes to the Rethuglicians mantra of "liberal media elite" and immoral Democratic Party and elites in the White House lyrics of a certain song plays through Tiny's mind: "Listen to the mocking bird; listen to the mocking bird ..."

May the Powers That Be grant us strength, strong stomachs and nerves of steel to get through the next two years.

Excellent post BJ. Good Democratic ad for 2012.