Issa damn shame!

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, scream, throw up or bang my head against a brick wall.

False accusations and hypocrisy affect me that way.

I call your attention to the two items atop “fyi” in DemWit’s sidebar.

The second item is just rhetoric from a self-aggrandizing blowhard.

The top item merits the attention of every DemWit reader, regardless of political persuasion, Its contents take false accusations and hypocrisy to new heights and, in my opinion, constitute a very real threat to America’s future.

And, America asked for it.

I think I’ll throw up.

BJ UPDATE: I have moved the two articles from the sidebar to this post:

The first is an item from CNN’s “Political Ticker” about Newt Gingrich’s 10-Year Plan for America, in which he says, “We must REPLACE the left.” LINK

The main article DemWit calls to your attention is one from the right-wing site, NewsMax:
"White House Braces for Hundreds of GOP Probes of Fraud, Waste," 9 November 2010: LINK


Tiny said...

What more did anyone expect from this bunch when that's all they have harped since Obama was elected as president? They are a pitiful bunch trying to shift attention away from their eight years with Dubya and what they did to our fellow human beings.

Let them waste tax payers money like they did during the Clinton Administration. Ken Starr will go down in history books as the highest paid Peeping Tom in this country's history.

Perhaps when this crap starts, people who need jobs will get angry enough to go after them full throttle.

Thanks, BJ. You always keep everyone on their toes.

Tiny on Newt said...

Newt Gingrich belongs to that "little boys in long pants" club trying to figure out how to get his hands on everyone's marbles so he will own all of them. Then if you want to play a game, he will either sell or rent you enough marbles to get in the game for a little while.

All in this club are to be pitied for their obsessions.

Frodo, fighting childlike obesity, said...

As a demonstration of his patriotism, and his sound judgment, Frodo has had the distinct honor and privilege to cast votes against Newt Gingrich on three occasions. Since the Clown Prince (as distinguished from the Clown Princess) will never again run for office in Georgia, Frodo's fondest desire, to drive a wooden stake through the corpulent heart on a national-level, is almost too much to hope for. Run Newt Run (or is that Roll Newt Roll?).