Post-Halloween traumatic stress syndrome

We tried, and that's a good feeling, I thought. Then, another thought jarred me.

After Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. John Boehner will become next in line of succession for the presidency.


DemWit has three brief posts today. Keep reading, it gets better …


Frodo, countin' bullets and ballots in Alaska said...

Connecticut, California, Nevada, and Delaware presented five female candidates who were totally unsuitable for national public office. All five were defeated.
Thank you.

The State of Georgia, in keeping with its time-honored traditions of ethical malfeasance produced a Governor-elect who will be indicted within 180 days of taking office. Hey, but he's for Jesus!

The most dangerous idealogue in America was clearly identified last night, and he is the Senator-elect from Kentucky. He can filibuster, all by himself, against raising the national debt ceiling, and thereby effectively take the US into default and issue in a worldwide economic collapse.

Things to think about while John Boehner washes away his tears.

B.J. said...

Hobbit: As ever, thanks for the wisdom of your counsel. Or is that the counsel of your wisdom? At any rate, hope you read the three posts, LOL. DemWit noted the positive results last night! I also noted the foreign press highlighted Kentucky senator-elect Rand Paul’s anxiousness to overturn the Civil Rights Act. Shameful, isn’t it? BJ

tnlib said...

Cheerless news on a dark dreary day. The take on our election by the foreign press just goes to prove that you can see better from a distance.

BBJ said...

I need the morning after pill too, BJ. I also needed to read the posts on your blog. They help my spirits. Love the poem.

Rand Paul's victory speech was sickening. Ohhhhhh, America!

Ahab said...

On the bright side, the world was spared Angle and O'Donnell in office! That's something to smile about. (I'm crossing my fingers that Buck loses too, but it's too close to call right now.)

Remember that the pendulum always swings back and forth. In a few years, the elections will favor the Democrats again.

I too was baffled by Rand Paul's victory. His abominable positions on issues, "Aqua Buddha" incident, and the attack on Lauren Valle weren't enough to lose him the election? WHAT THE @#%$?

Tiny said...

Morning was all night coming! The nightmare kept turning red and barfed up the most ungodly bile. Americans suffers an amnesic contagion that reared its' ugly head again.

Can you believe Floridians elected Rubio who had to pay about $7.2 million in Medicare fraud fines, and invoked the 5th ammendment over 70 times during his testimony!

Tiny keeps telling herself, "Weep not! Weep not! Common Sense is not dead; she merely sleeps." But even the heavens have been a dark, cold, raging storm all day and Tiny feels that even the Powers That Be weep for the disregard of logical reasoning.

BJ, thanks for Tagore's prayer again.