Trash-talking a liberal forum to death

If DemWit readers find the following comments offensive, that is my point.

tnlib at Parsley’s Pics comments on the report and video of right-wing violence against a female moveon.org member at a Rand Paul rally in Kentucky. Read her post and view the video HERE.

i have many conservative family members and friends, none of whom would foster such behavior, but they need to know what's happening to their party.

The thuggery of the right-wing, now being manifested in physical violence, has been festering for years.

The following are comments I saved from the year 2003 – just months after the U.S. invaded Iraq - personal attacks on moveon.org participants in its “Great Goals” forum. The purpose of that forum, as the name implies, was for members to discuss great goals for America. The tragedy is that these interlopers finally managed to shut the forum down, which, of course, was their own goal.

A selection of right-wing comments – not for the weak of heart:

The first comment is a response to my analysis of Ann Coulter's jargon and techniques:

3. Ann is famous, rich, beautiful & intelligent, no wonder you envy and hate her, B.J.! She is everything you are not! It's rough getting old and knowing your dreams didn't come true, I guess. I feel sorry for you, B.J., like I do for hobos, winos, junkies, degenerates, jailbirds, pedophiles, aging hippies and other losers in the "game of life". Don't be so jealous of those of us who have made it, B.J., we just wanted it more!
- Alan Srout, Manager/Veteran (December 03, 2003; Des Moines, IA)

This comment about Hillary Clinton just went on forever, but you get the idea:


The following is a “manifesto” from a really scary person:

10. To all the Democrat Basterds of this Forum and to all Democrat Forums:

To all here, you have not served your country in any sense of the word, to hell with you and your entire family. You only serve yourserlves.

To the men and woman of this forum and throughout my beloved United States who have never faced the enemy, to hell with you and your entire family.

Stay in your homes and continue to masturbate. Stay in your homes and hope for a job, for I hope it never comes to you.

The enemy is near and since you willing to do nothing to support our brave men and woman in uniform, I hope and pray for the most painful death upon you and your entire stinking family.

To the unemployed and software designers and consultants and most especially to newspaper editors who have never fought for their country and fought for their family's, god forgive you but I will not, and I pray for your destruction from the hands of the enemy.

You do NOT support this country and you do not deserve the freedom that has been so gracefully bestowed upon you.

To Hell with you all and your righteous lies. Continue to read and believe in the neo-libs of the press and I pray for a painful death to you and those of the media and their familiy's who no not what freedom is, and what it stands for.

To the politicians of this Administration and further Administrations who will not fight for their country and for freedom and not take care of our fighting men and woman in the military. I hope and pray the next terrorist act is committed upon you and your family. For you most certainly should be the first to go.

To the names I am about to present, I hope and pray to almighty god, the most painful death to you and your filthy family's for not supporting our god forsaken men and woman of the Armed Forces.

1. Barbara Streisand. She hopes and prays every day for another American and Israeli to die at the hands of the enemy.

2. James Brolin-Streisand

3. George Clooney. He believes in nothing but the destruction of our Miltiary fighting men and woman.

4. The entire Kennedy (so called) family. Thank the lord there are not many of them left. When the last one dies, I will celebrate.

5. Susan Surandan and her whore based philosophy.

6. Dick Gephardt who supports American failure.

7. John Kerry who supports American failure.

8. Tim Robbins and his fake military garb that he wears so proudly.

9. Michael Moore who hopes that all miltary personel suffer and die. He wants to disarm the American people. A gun shot from a sniper would be only too good for him. He is the evil that is the Democratic Party.

10. Tom Dachele who specically supports the enemy.

11. Katie Couric for whom I am thankful that her filthy husband suffered a painful death. She deserves no better.

12. Tom Dachelle who has never felt the pain of American fighting men and woman who are fighting for our country Freedom means nothing to this basterd.

13. Martin Sheen and his entire drug induced family.

14. Bill and Hillery Rodman Clinton. I can only hope they fall from 102 stories and it is caught on videotape for all to watch. These two god damn son of a bitches made us the laughing stock of the planet and put us where we are now.

15 Al Franken. This son of a bitch doesn't even know what he is saying and has no guts to face the music. Just like Michael Moore. He prays every day for another American death just to get a Democrat in the White House.

16. Finally to this forum to which no member has ever fought for freedom. May hell be upon you and your entire filthy family.
- Scott, Montana (October 25, 2003; Wayne, Mi)

Just an example of a personal attack on one forum member:

1. Vicky, you are a frustrated sex kitten... It seems that you "get off" on this forum. I think you have nothing else to do, and this is your sexual outlet. When you are posting a message, your eyes roll back into your head, and you shake all over from delight. The solution is to dress up in something kinky, short skirt, fishnet stockings, pointed toe shoes. Rat up your wig real high and put on some provocative fragrance and light out for your favorite hangout. Oh, and one more thing, be sure to keep your mouth shut, because when someone get's a load of what comes out of it, they will surely run for the door.
- linda stewart, pennzoil (November 11, 2003; houston, tx)

And finally:

1. Rich, are you, Dennis, Michael, Tom and B.J. "cumming together"? Please use protection!
- Alan Srout, Manager/Veteran (December 02, 2003; Des Moines, IA)


I have visited many liberal Web sites, forums and blogs and not once have I ever encountered a liberal who would resort to such vile absurdities.

But, these people - “freepers” egged on by Bill O’Reilly and freerepublic.com - came on moveon.org’s forum to disrupt legitimate discourse and shut the forum down, and the result was “mission accomplished.”

Is it any wonder then that people like this are now resorting to physical attacks?


tnlib said...

Wow. Oh me, oh my. This is unbelievable. How putrid. I'm having a hard time finding the right words for anything so vile. I've seen some pretty ugly stuff but I think this tops it. These people are beyond sick. They really should be locked up. Thank you - I think.

Tiny said...

Gee! How did Tiny miss Jesus' teaching of this method of praying? This is those Christian compassionate-conservatives isn't it?

And those running for offices today and claiming God wants them to do it baffles Tiny too. From her teachings, Jesus reprimanded the politicians and clergy, then went home with a prostitute to have dinner with her and her family.

Jesus had compassion for all of them. But he showed it in a more loving and kind way than the posters who painted vivid pictures of how much they honestly loathe themselves.

As St. John of the Cross states, "Two contraries cannot dwell in the same vessel." So loving compassion cannot dwell in the same vessel with blatant, evil hate. Best to dig down in the basement of your soul and decide whether love or hate is your choice for your indwelling spirit you harbor. Deut:30 can help you make that decision.

May God have mercy on your troubled souls.

BJ, thanks for another explicit life lesson.

Infidel753 said...

I've had comments at least as vile as those left on my own blog, by right-wingers over the last two years and by Obama supporters during the 2008 primaries. The reason my readers never saw them is that I use comment moderation.

It's not censorship to stop deranged monkeys from flinging shit all over you and the people you're trying to have a civil conversation with. On the contrary, it's essential. If you don't screen out this kind of thing, you're just putting yourself at the mercy of the defectives.

Steve said...

I found this post "stunning" and surprising, as much for the spelling and grammar as for the terrible content (also the assumption that no veterans are Democrats or liberals--sometimes the experience of service in combat enhances one's reluctance to see new wars started--if that's what was meant). I'm inclined to think you've managed to attract some people who are on the mental, fringe. These explosions of bile may be therapeutic for them and make the rest of us safer

Octopus said...


It would be easy to dismiss uncivil trash talk as the work of immature or character-disordered persons. However, I regret to report, the situation is far worse.

For years, I have been stalked by predators who left hate messages and death threats (duly reported to law enforcement). One former tormenter is a right wing professor of political science who sent email taunts … on Christmas day! To end the harassment, I notified the authorities of the school where he teaches.

Chris Floyd’s weblog has been victimized by virus and malware attacks in an attempt to remove an important voice from the Internet. Last month, the Swash Zone was subject to a similar attack.

Progressive bloggers are not the only ones victimized by cyber-bullies. Last year, one of my conservative friends was harassed by the fringe (documented under this post, A Blessed Kristallnacht To All).

Most of us approach politics as a policy debate; the fringe approaches politics as an act of war; and it is time to face facts:

When candidates from a major party advocate “second amendment remedies” and violent insurrection as an alternative to peaceful elections; when PR consultants hire thugs and hooligans to disrupt town hall meetings; when the loyal opposition party morphs itself into the Grand Obstruction Party and trades on fear-mongering, hate speech, and head-stomping … then the U.S. is heading down the same path as the Weimar Republic.

My apologies for the long comment, but I felt my experiences are worth sharing here.

B.J. said...

Welcome to first-time commenter Steve!

Fortunately, I’ve never had this sort of response on any of my blogs, although I did have a very defensive comment from one Jeff Gannon/James Guckert on my old “Vocal Yokels” blog when I was exposing the “White House correspondent” for the imposter he was. I don’t like comment moderation, but I would not hesitate to delete any comment which levels personal attacks such as these on DemWit readers.

As for the MoveOn.org forum where these particular comments appeared, we begged Wes and Joan to hire a comment moderator, but they insisted it was an open, free speech forum. Finally, some pervert figured out how to spam the forum with porn photos, which began appearing one right after the other and the forum was shut down.

And, what did that do to our free speech?


Ahab said...

What kind of disturbed person would post hateful things like that? What kind of overheated mind could produce that kind of poison?

Regarding the attack on Valle, I was horrified that a pack of men attacked a young woman AND WEREN"T ARRESTED ON THE SPOT. I seriously wonder if "someone" put them up to the attack, and I'm hoping additional details will become available. This kind of political thuggery has no place in a democratic society.

B.J. said...

Octopus: Thank you for sharing your experiences. I guess I’ve led a sheltered life as I cannot comprehend the hatred boiling over in this country today. I honestly believe most of the right-wing reaction is rooted in racism. DemWit has repeatedly recommened that every American of voting age should read Wm. L. Shirer’s masterpiece, “The Rise and Fall fo the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany.” The parallels are too numerous to ignore. BJ

airth10 said...

Why aren't Democrats/liberals as vial and violent as Republican/conservatives?

I suppose that's because Democrats/liberals are more cognitive, thinking people than their counterpart, knowing that that kind of behavior doesn't get you very far. They know that governance is a process, not a static monolith as Republican/conservatives want and demand it to be.

Frodo, an elitist I guess said...

Frodo promised himself that he would not attack another based on his perceived motivations. After all, he has not walked in another's shoes, only his own. From what he has seen however, there are some shoes he would not wear.

He will always be grateul to MoveOn.org for introducing him to Merry, and others. We will need each other, once again. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

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Infidel753 said...

As for the MoveOn.org forum where these particular comments appeared, we begged Wes and Joan to hire a comment moderator, but they insisted it was an open, free speech forum.

A goal which was clearly thwarted, not served, by refusing to provide moderation.

"Can't you stop those monkeys from throwing shit at us while we're talking? "No, I can't, I'm trying to encourage a civil discussion."

Sue said...

The following is a “manifesto” from a really scary person:

This sounds very much like bloglands Malcontent/Marine who is under scrutiny for authoring fake blogs.

Sickening and scary stuff BJ!

paula said...

Awful, but not unbelievable. I get similar stuff (with better spelling) in the form of viral emails from some of my cousins in the Midwest. I guess that's because I live in New England, and they believe I need to be converted. Fat chance!
That's what's going on out there, BJ, and it's not limited to any particular part of the country. I blame Glenn, Bill, Rush et al. We've always had conservatives and always had loudmouths, but these verbal thugs spout a message consistent with what they hear on talk radio/tv. They just dirty it up a bit, but a very little bit.

paula said...

BJ--I'd like to invite you to read my blog, but can't find an email address to send a proper invitation. You and I have covered a lot of the same ground, without ever treading in each other's footsteps.

B.J. said...

Paula, thanks for visiting DemWit. I agree with you, these people have been brought to the boiling point by the lies they hear from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and a whole host of wingnuts on the radio – all of whom are doing great harm to our country in the name of PROFIT. I hope decent Republicans realize these are the voices of their Party. BJ

B.J. said...

Paula, thanks! Just leave your blog URL here as a comment. I am limited in the amount of reading I can do (vision problem), but would love to check out what you have to say. BJ

paula said...

BJ--It's Birds on a Wire Blog

If you like it, I'll send you a few links to archived pages you might find interesting, so you don't have to go wading through the index.


Pamela D. Hart said...

BJ: Found you through Infidel's "Link Roundup". I'm so sorry you experienced such horrendous treatment. I too suffered at the "fingers" of some very unfortunate people, who for whatever reason can't control themselves behind a computer screen. I stuck it out and I'm still here, they are somewhere in cyberspace. Hopefully gone, but who knows when they'll reappear.

I believe in civility, regardless of political opinion, and regardless of whether it's on the internet or face-to-face. Hostility gets us nowhere. Too bad everyone doesn't feel that way, what a nicer world we'd live in.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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