Madness cloaked in credentials

OMG! An editor’s nightmare! Join me, dear reader, on this journey to the nadir of journalism.

In response to the promo I emailed for my previous post, “Fox News puts its money where its mouth is,” an acquaintance wrote that he “always” watches Fox News. On top of that email came another with an article, and the suggestion that I “take a few minutes to read this.”

To be fair his note did not make clear whether he agreed or disagreed with the veracity of the article, but he said it came from “a normally reliable source.”

I spent two hours in the middle of the night reading the article. It’s not that long – just 10 pages in Mircrosoft Word – it’s just that I’m a notoriously slow reader. Frankly, I could not stop reading this train wreck of a report by a so-called “investigative journalist,” who apparently has himself derailed.

A search of the article’s headline and writer yielded 577,000 hits on Google. Apparently every right-wing Web site and blog has reproduced it over the last two weeks – and now it’s on a trip around the world via email.

I can only conclude the writer is an opportunist as I recall similar absurd attacks on others, including Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Of all the circulated emails, right-wing opinion pieces and Fox News talking points that have turned my stomach, this attack on the Obamas hits a new low, a worst case scenario of unethical reporting which will leave a reasonable reader reeling.

DemWit readers, please take time during the next few days to read this article, which I have placed in The Reading Room.

This is not some scary Halloween hoax.

It’s what our country is up against.


tnlib said...

I couldn't read it all because it is so full of off-the-wall crap and the guy is an obvious nut. To be honest, I've never heard of him, but that's not really indicative of anything except maybe my own ignorance. I vaguely recall hearing about his Nixon book which leads me to think that he is an opportunist and a scandal monger with a wild imagination. To hell with the facts.

I'm sure all the righties are down on their knees saying, "Praise God. Ain't that the truth." May they all be struck with lightening. I wonder what they'll say when it's proven beyond a doubt that this is entirely false. I wonder what they'll say when none of this nut's predictions come true. It just goes to show that any half-assed reporter can be a member of the SPJ or the National Press Club - the place where you won't find a real honest-to-God working journalist.

tnlib said...

I did a quick look-see on this guy. I do remember him and wouldn't put stock in anything he thinks, says or writes.

B.J. said...

It's a Sun Tzu "know your enemy" sort of thing.

Of course we don’t put stock in anything he writes. The problem is: people are buying this crap! Just make a checklist of all the vile labels and accusations and multiply those by 577,000> And, he bases his report on an anonymous source who has an anonymous source.

I just kept reading with my mouth hanging open. If people don’t read this article, I suppose I could give a short version and just list all the accusations, including the one about Obama’s personal trainer.


tnlib said...

I'm certainly not criticizing you for posting this. I'm just expressing my thoughts about this thug.

Tiny said...

Tiny left this on the other site, which she thought was your blog site:

At October 23, 2010 1:06 AM ,

Anonymous said...
This sounds like Christine O'Donnell, Sharon Angel and Sarah Palin got together and had a lively "let's make believe" party. They forgot to have their grammar teacher check their writing.

And, it seems someone mistook a box of Exlax for Bakers Chocolate when they made their hot Coco for them!

At October 23, 2010 1:10 AM , Tiny said...
Ooophs! Tiny hit the wrong button before she was finished. She heard Obama spoke before a crowd of 37,000 in Californis for Barbara Boxer before he spoke for Harry Reid in Nevada tonight. Didn't seem to have any mental problems at either location!

That's Tiny's "anonymous said..."

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