Bipolar disorder

On Wednesday, 6 October 2010, I published this brief post:

“My friend Leslie, ‘tnlib,’ who blogs at Parsley’s Pics, has written a very beautiful and very brave post. Ride along with Leslie ‘on the road’ through some tough terrain to the post’s inevitable conclusion.”

To share important information, I also sent the post to a number of folks on my email list. I have found responses interesting.

The post I promoted was the introduction to Leslie’s series of informative posts drawn from her own experience with bipolar disorder.

A number of you read and commented on Leslie’s post. Others read it and emailed me thanks for the link.  A couple of you asked why I wanted you to read the post. One person became upset with me. This is about par for the course: a microcosm of the blogosphere.

For those of you who are affected by and have a genuine interest in bipolar disorder, I highly recommend you follow Leslie’s series and especially the comments inspired by her courageous sharing. People are opening up with their own stories, and this series shows every promise of being beneficial.

Here are the posts in her series so far. Bookmark her blog to read her additional posts:

Introduction: "Sane Enough To Know I’m Not: The Bipolar Highway:” LINK

Part 1: “Sane Enough To Know I’m Not: Bipolar 101:” LINK

Part 2: "Sane Enough To Know I'm Not: Depression:" LINK

Part 3: "Sane Enough To Know I'm Not: Mania:" LINK


B.J. said...

DemWit readers: please leave your coments on Leslie's posts. Thanks, BJ

Sue said...

BJ I'm not sure I knew about your son, I'm so sorry! xo