Op-ed by Barack Obama

DemWit recommends you read today's New York Times op-ed by President Barack Obama:

"Why We Need Health Care Reform"


sue said...

BJ why is it so easy for us to understand and so hard for those non-believers to understand?? They just spew such stupid arguments, they say such stupid things! Dick Armey is on Meet the Press right now and he sounds like an idiot!

Whatever.... We know reform is coming, I know Obama will get this done because he truely believes in this. His last 2 townhalls were great, filled with all the info we could possibly need but the conservatives have trust issues and no matter what he says they will never believe him. So, I say it's time to stop trying to convince this tiny minority and just press forward!!

sue said...

BJ I need your intelligence to come back and dispute anonymous' claims!!

sue said...

Thank you so much my friend!! That JTP post, priceless!!! I wonder if my anonymous friends will read it?? I'm hanging in there and I am PROUD!!! oxoxxo
P.S. I think this post will stay put til the bill is signed, unless something really juicy happens! LOL!!

B.J. said...

Sue: I suspect your “anon” friend is Lisa, who haunts Papamoka’s comment zone – same writing patterns. Tell her you are very interested in her opinion about JTP and ask her to click on the link, LOL. I couldn’t believe Sandy Shells’ below-the-belt comment to you. (She’s shell-shocked!) Next to watching trees grown, kicking right-wing butt is my favorite sport. :-) BJ

P.S. For enquiring minds, the source of this tete-a-tete can be found at:


sue said...

No, anon is a woman I went to this morning, she had a post up degrading the reform so I invited her to my blog to read the truth. She is someone who I have had runins with before and Sandy is her sister I do believe. It was fun B.J.!!! Thanks for all your support!! love ya!!

Infidel753 said...

why is it so easy for us to understand and so hard for those non-believers to understand??

Ah, but they are not non-believers -- they are believers, and that's the problem. People who have been taught all their lives to accept indoctrination and believe in certain dogmas regardless of the evidence will be prone to do the same later on in whatever area of life.

Obama's op-ed (BJ's link) actually states the case very effectively and in the terms people need to hear -- the riskiest thing we could do would be to leave the existing system in place as it is. I think it will persuade a certain number of poeple who are genuinely not committed yet one way or the other. But the true believers on the other side won't be moved by it. When you are trained to think in terms of apocalyptic good and evil, the fact that the Antichrist is persuasive just shows how devious he is.

Infidel753 said...

Looks like the editorial has disappeared behind a registration firewall now, which means hardly anyone will read it. Couldn't he have stipulated that they not do that? What a waste!

Papamoka said...

It isn't a firewall Infidel, NYT has required that everyone get a log in just a couple of weeks ago. You can click on a few articles but once it has your IP it sends you to the log in page.

Infidel753 said...

I know you can get through it by entering a login and password, but most people won't bother with logging in on a newspaper site, so it does curtail the potential readership.

Yesterday, a couple of hours after I first got the login page, the article came up without the login page again, so I thought they'd gotten rid of it. Now the login page is back. Ah, well, probably the most important parts have been cut-and-pasted on various blogs by now.

B.J. said...

I-753: Just letting you know I emailed a copy of the op-ed to everyone on my email list, which covers regular DemWit readers. (Don’t have an address for you.)

The thing is: the people who really need to read this op-ed won’t go anywhere near the New York Times, because they’ve been told by Rush Limbaugh and all at Fox News that the paper of record is the “pro-Obama liberal media elite.” They have had it hammered into their psyche that Fox News and its ilk are the only sources to trust. So, they won’t bother to read what Obama has to say anyway.

A good example is the comments zone of Sue’s blog post mentioned above. Hers is not a political blog, but to inform her readers, she posted the entire White House letter containing facts and myths and many informative links. She’s had some 32 comments (so far). In every comment opposing healthcare reform, it is apparent that not one single commenter read the White House info Sue provided.

You know the old expression about leading a horse to water.


sue said...

mornin B.J. I posted the JTP piece, thanks sweetie!!

by Michael Boh said...

Wow, we all seem to be motivated by the same topic this morning. Who knows, perhaps the Republicans and their minions have awakened a new sleeping giant bigger than the crazy Republican giant of late - passionate Democrats!

Infidel753 said...

the people who really need to read this op-ed won’t go anywhere near the New York Times,

Actually, those people aren't the ones who need to read it -- the hard-core right is mostly beyond persuading on this issue, by any feasible means. The people who need to be reached are the ones who aren't committed one way or the other -- probably a rather large group, given the amount of confusion which prevails over this issue.

People who are on the fence are less likely to be paranoid about the New York Times, but the more easy it is to see the op-ed, and the more it's spread around, the better.

B.J. said...

I-753: You are absolutely right. I just keep hoping this about the far-right: one day a lemming will fly. (That’s the title of an episode of “Cracker,” the British version with Robbie Coltrane.)

I have put Obama’s op-ed in my reading room, and there’s now a link to it at the top of my sidebar.

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting~