Making it clear: Case 7


In this DemWit series, I’ve made it clear that the far-right fights dirty. Ethics, morals, principles are being shed like snakeskin as the core of the Republican Party has taken a desperate turn to the far right.

A party which cannot stand on its own merits, which resorts to lies, deception and personal attacks, cannot stand at all.

While medical industry lobbyists are rallying the troops at town hall meetings and across the Internet, the Republican Party has offered no solution to the healthcare crisis Americans are facing.

According to FactCheck.org (LINK):

“There is no plan around which Republicans have coalesced. … And Missouri Republican Rep. Roy Blunt was tapped to head a GOP healthcare task force in February, which was charged ‘with crafting Republican solutions to increase Americans’ access to quality, affordable healthcare,’ but which so far has produced no plan and seems unlikely to do so.”

Pretty hard to reign in the healthcare industry with all that lobby money in your campaign tills.

Your leaders are preaching, as Charles Dickens puts it, “the gospel according to monotony.”

I am personally acquainted with a very large number of Republicans – ethical, moral and principled folks who are not party to the despicable ploys aimed at killing healthcare reform.

When reading through a blog post about CNN, Lou Dobbs and “birthers” – the latter two denying President Obama’s legitimacy - I found this quote in a reader’s comment:

“Republicans come in three groups: ignorant tools, religious fools and dittohead stools.”

The Republcans I know personally do not want to be characterized this way, nor should they be.

We liberal (some prefer “progressive”) Democrats are fighting nail and tooth to debunk false claims and phony protests surrounding proposed healthcare reform legislation.

You know the old expression, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Can anyone deny our healthcare system is broken? The soaring costs of medical care, prescription drugs and health insurance, coupled with joblessness and a shaky (at best) economy, have expunged millions upon millions of Americans from medical access.

Yet, in my neighboring state to the north, Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC), all set to answer questions from concerned citizens, has decided not to host town hall meetings. Miller has received death threats because of his support of healthcare reform.

Is this democracy in action? In America?

Americans are not so easily fooled: they will see through this chicanery.

DemWit is throwing down the gauntlet to decent Republicans: we liberals and Democrats cannot save your party from extinction. It’s up to you to fight the radical turn it’s taken.

Republicans, step up!


Frodo, in a Red No-Plan State said...

Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga), who is a physician, has documented an alternative healthcare plan. The Atlanta Journal & Constitution reflected that the plan had no cost estimates, and little substantive perspective. From Frodo's viewpoint it is little more than somebody writing the words "We have a plan," and pushing the ENTER key.

Falzone for America said...

While I agree that many Republicans do not fit the type cast of "ignorant tools, religious fools and dittohead stools.” I would also point out that very few if any are denouncing or condemning the behavior of those who do fit within those three categories.

At least all of the ones that have access to a microphone are either encouraging the adolescent behavior of the Town Hall activists and the repeated accusations from Limbaugh that Obama is like Hitler or they simply repeat the less inflammatory but still false claims against Health Care Reform.

I long for a day when both Republicans and Democrats realize that Corporations pull ALL of the strings and only term limits and public financing of campaigns will do anything to return us our citizens based government.

sue said...

As one of those families with no insurance because of job lay-off, I'm counting on Obama to do SOMETHING!! I go over to the dark side(conservative blogs) and am shocked at what I read. They take no responsibility for the actions of the insane right-wingers because they see nothing wrong with them! These blogs love the likes of Palin, Malkin, Limbaugh,Beck etc... I don't hear any of the so-called sane republicans speaking out denouncing the racism, the lies, the impending violence. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so addicted to politics so I could go about my life not knowing the hate that divides our country. I was naive to think Obama's election would ease racial tensions but its worse than ever. God help us all..