Making it clear: Case 5


Remember envelopes? Remember stamps?

Let’s take advantage of the Republicans’ “scorched earth” tactics, a little number they call “delay and kill.”

Let’s use this extra time to start a real grassroots movement.

Let’s call it “STAMP.”

Support the American Majority’s President.

There is no greater “town hall meeting” than the editorial pages of your local newspaper. Why reach hundreds when you can reach thousands? And, without all the shouting. People read three things in their local newspapers on a daily basis: the comics, the obits and the letters-to-the-editor.

Take one envelope and one stamp, and sit down today or tomorrow and write a letter-to-the-editor on healthcare reform.

Don’t overwhelm. Make your letter BRIEF and focus on one positive aspect of the reform legislation. Sign with your name, address and telephone number (these are not published, but are used for verification of your authorship). And, by all means, use your own words as newspapers can check instantly for material copied from the Internet.

The mailing address for your newspaper is found in its "masthead" within the first four pages - the box with staff and policies listed. Rules for acceptable letters are found on the editorial pages.

I sent my letter yesterday. It measured 94 words in Microsoft Word, and it took five minutes to write. I can promise you’ll feel good afterward.

I don’t like the word “misinformation.” Let’s all STAMP out lies by countering them with one positive FACT.

As the song goes, “It only takes a little spark to get a fire a-going.” Please copy and paste this post and email it to all on your list.

Thanks, DemWit.


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Interesting anagram BJ. How long did it take you to think that one up.