Rating the presidents

John Fitzgerald Kennedy remains the U.S. president in the last half century who is perceived to be the best.

USA Today/Gallup has released its annual survey rating the presidents of the last 50 years.

Two interesting changes:

Jimmy Carter has moved down the list, while Bill Clinton has moved up.

George H.W. Bush’s rating fell while his son was in office, but has rebounded.

Here is this year's ranking:

1-John F. Kennedy (D) – 85%
2-Ronald Reagan (R) – 74%
3-Bill Clinton (D) – 69%
4-George H. W. Bush (R) - 64%
5-Gerald Ford (R) - 61%
6- Jimmy Carter (D) – 52%
7-Lyndon Johnson (D) - 49%
8- George W. Bush (R) – 47%
9- Richard M. Nixon (R) – 29%

Perhaps the most interesting position on the list, in my opinion, is that of Lyndon B. Johnson. Although Johnson followed Camelot, he implemented both social and civil rights reforms which are noteworthy. Vietnam was Johnson’s Waterloo. Noted presidential biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin has always insisted Johnson is underrated.

Dubya, I presume, thanks God for Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon. Not that DemWit would ever say, “I told you so.”


tnlib said...

Reagan and Ford, of all people, over LBJ??? Sounds to me as if Ameicans have a split personality.

Frodo, pull my strings and I'll said...

So where's Cheney?

Tiny said...

Tiny wonders how much history those who responded to the survey know. Or even read. Are they basing this on what they hear on TV?