A Google shocker

Ever Google yourself? A search of my name turned up 406,000 results, which, of course, includes everyone in the world with my last name or either of my initials. Interestingly, the top entry was a post about my fear of flying which appeared in my archived blog, “I See My Dreams.”

Persons with my name include a writer of books on badminton for women and girls, a minister of the Gospel and an Ohio bar and grill owner.

In keeping with DemWit’s mission to chronicle “the absurd” and “the downright mystical,” read HERE to find out what happened to a Florida college student who decided to Google himself.


tnlib said...

It also picks up comments you've left on other blogs.

Sue said...

I have GOOGLED myself before BJ, scary huh?!
That poor college kid!

I'm off to Google myself again...