A cure for losing battles

I am an anomaly in my circle of family and longtime friends and have even met with downright hostility from a couple of cousins when describing my blog as “liberal.”

Blogging is not easy. Some days there is absolutely nothing to inspire the written word; on other days I cannot type fast enough. Some days I will spend hours on end in research to bring to DemWit something of utmost importance only to discover it seems to be important only to me. Other days I’ll whip something out in 10 minutes and inspire a dozen reader comments.

I’ve had bloggers tell me they are discouraged, and I am reminded of a scene in “All the Presidnt’s Men.” In one of their parking-garage meetings, “Deep Throat” tells Bob Woodward, “I was at a party once, and (G. Gordon) Liddy put his hand over a candle, and he kept it there. He kept it right in the flame until his flesh was burned. Somebody said, ‘What's the trick?’ And Liddy said, ‘The trick is not minding.’"

But, sometimes I do mind.

In DemWit’s sidebar I describe myself as “constant learner,” and primarily this blog is a learning experience. I believe a key motivator for all bloggers is the opportunity to share information. A blog is a research and writing laboratory, and readers’ comments contribute greatly to its impact.

I wince sometimes when a comment completely misses a post’s point or it’s apparent the commenter hasn’t bothered to read its content. Losing a few faithful readers who disagreed with an expressed opinion hasn’t been pleasant. I wish I had Truman’s little plaque atop my monitor to remind me that “The buck stops here.”

All in all, I like being here. And, I love it when you join me.

Several weeks ago I began to suffer from the “fighting a losing battle” syndrome. No ideas. No inspiration. No easy solutions. I came online, opened my email inbox and had the following note from my niece Debra:

“‘A blind person asked Swami Vivekanand, ‘Can there be anything worse than losing eyesight?’ He replied, ‘Yes, losing your vision!’ That is what impresses me about you every day: you stay focused on the future. You never lose your vision. You are an inspiration to all who have the pleasure of knowing you. I love you, Deb”

To quote John Wayne, reacting to a standing ovation at the 1979 Academy Awards - his last public appearance: “That’s about the only medicine a fella’d ever really need.”

Debra’s first grandchild, a beautiful little girl named Riley, is eight months old.

Here’s to the future, Riley!


Debra said...

Hey B.J.,
You just need to keep doing what you do best......informing us of what is going on in terms that we can actually understand. I am so guilty of reading your blog and saying thank you for the facts to myself but not taking the time to thank YOU. SO in this busy world, I will try to be more considerate of all the time you have put into your articles and not only just enjoy reading them but to post a little "thank you" for your time and research. We don't always have to agree with everything, but it is nice to know that what we are reading is factual (because YOU do your background research).
THANK YOU for all your dedication.
ALSO, thank you for the bestwishes for Riley, my grand daughter. God has blessed our family so richly by
this child. I love you, Deb.

Ahab said...

When faced with a depressing cultural climate, it's easy to get dejected. That's why it's all the more important for progressives like you to speak up. In doing so, you remind other progressives that all is not lost, and that there are others who think like them.

Blogging can be a challenge, but you're rewarded your readers more than you realize. :)

tnlib said...

I can relate to every word you say here. The only thing you have that I don't have is a sweet niece like Debra.

As you know I have these spells too - as I think all bloggers do. But I so firmly enjoy reading other blogs and chatting with others. And I sincerely believe we are on a mission and have a purpose to serve.

When I really become dry I ask to copy someone else's blog - not just to have something to post but because I'm genuinely impressed with what the writer has to say. And as you know, I enjoy writing about something besides politics as usual which can be very refreshing for me as well as my readers.

I know how hard you work to research and write your blog. I know you have vision but that it's much more time consuming for you to produce your blog than it is for us with limited sight to slap something up. You and I and the rest of us must keep plodding along no matter how discouraged we become. To become silent would be the beginning of the end.

btw, I have relatives who are giving me the cold shoulder because of my politics. One has been as close to me as any sister could be. She and her husband gave me this computer in fact. It's heartbreaking but I don't feel you stop loving someone just because you don't act and think alike.

Sue said...

very good BJ! I don't always comment because sometimes I feel my comment would not do justice to your research and meticulous writing! It is a shame but true when a really great writer spends time and energy on a post that gets ignored, I know a blogger friend in that situation and feel very sad for him. We all love attention and want our thoughts to be appreciated. I do appreciate you my friend, going on 2 yrs now(or longer?) Keep up the good work!

Tiny said...

BJ, Your readers appreciate all your hard work and efforts to bring us factual information. It would be nice if we had journalists like you bringing us the news every day.

Tiny is so dang PO'd with GOPers she could spit nails. How dare they hold the whole nation hostage just because they want every dime to sock away with the rest of their millions.

As you and others voiced, seems like your readers are lone family members who care about the rest of humanity instead of just self. Makes you wonder where and why the rest got off track and so far afield of the teachings of the Master Teacher, who they claim to follow.

Keep up your good work, lady, we appreciate all that you do.

paula said...

Hang in there, B.J. It sounds like you have bloggeritis, a pesky affliction you can easily pick up in the blogosphere. Good news: It's not life threatening, just annoying. Keep up the good work!