'You know how he is'

Carly Fiorina, who will challenge California Democratic Sea. Barbara Boxer in the November election, failed to heed the advice, “Treat every microphone as a live microphone.”

Innocuous enough, while waiting for a broadcast interview, were her quotes of a friend making fun of Sen. Boxer’s hair style.

My favorite moment of the chit-chat was Carly’s assessment of Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Questioning why Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman would choose to appear on Hannity’s show, the mike caught this critique:

"It's really surprising that on the first day of the general [election], Meg Whitman is going on Sean Hannity, I think it's bizarre…I think it's a very bad choice actually. You know how he is."

Yes, Carly, we know how he is: a pouty-faced, ineffectual whiner whose personal emotions and rude interruptions override truth.

A spokesperson for Carly told CNN’s Political Ticker the Republican candidate for Boxer’s seat was just making “early morning small talk.”

And, for prime time small talk, there’s always Fox News.


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Sue said...

I saw that BJ! LOL! She's so right and so are you about Hannity. I call him pink panties Hannity...

When he talks to Palin he looks like a baby suckling at his Mommas nipple!

tnlib said...

Catty little she-male isn't she?

Frodo, a little spray please, said...

Has Carly had cancer? Frodo cannot imagine any other reason for her attempt to mimic the Leslie Stahl "Mop Flop." Her "Do" is so, shall we say, environmentally challenged?