Beck's bibliography

The combination of someone named to Time’s “100 Most Influential Persons in the World” and someone hell-bent on revising American history is lethal.

I’m guessing most DemWit readers don’t tune in to Glenn Beck’s history lessons via radio and Fox News.

But, plenty of people do, and the history Beck is dishing out is based on a bibliography boasting a crackpot anti-Semitic and Hitler sympathizer, a John Birch Society fanatic and even opponents of the civil rights movement.

To hell with historians who have laboriously documented their works, Beck’s sources, he claims, reveal the true history of this country - which progressives seek to erase.

The scariest enemy he can conjure for the gullible is “the intellectual elite.”

Beck even evoked imagery of the civil rights movement telling his listeners “dogs and fire hoses” might one day be turned on them. Fear, you see, is the first step in brainwashing.

Yesterday’s PROGRESS REPORT, Center for American Progress, has an eye-popping exposé of just exactly what Beck is teaching his followers.

Recommended: “Radical Right: Glenn Beck’s Revisionist History”


Sue said...

BJ unfortunately I have tuned in to watch Becks idiotic show. His chalkboards are mind-boggling and his fear-driven rhetoric is extreme. I turn it off after jaw-dropping disbelief in the things he says. I have a few who comment on my blog that are Beck followers, truly brainless is what they are! They say, please give the guy a chance, just listen to him.......

Jolly Roger said...

Herr Beck iss bleeding der viewers, thankfully. Amazingly enough, there is someone who can be over the top even among Rushpubliscum die-hards.