A kick-ass morning!

I don’t take lightly this opportunity to learn and inform. Yesterday DemWit chose to feature a column by Frank Rich of The New York Times’ op-ed page.

I’m betting an astute staff member made sure that column got into the hands of the president.

Happy to read in these early morning hours that Obama is looking for some “ass to kick” in the disaster that is ruining our Gulf and its ecosystems.

Obama’s comments in this CNN article - taken from an interview to air this morning - might well have been left on Mr. Rich’s column, because they sure address the challenge.

Get up and get your coffee and tune in to the Today show this morning to hear Obama’s bold remarks!


Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Ms.BJ .... and thank you for this article and video as well. No .... I havent seen or heard this until now, and I DO believe that President Obama IS sincere, and really feel's frustrated .... and WILL act. As he said .... he was down there a month ago .... understand .... HE HAD to be careful what he said back at that time as a response .... after all .... he didnt even have half of the fact's at that time to begin with, and he know's to make false assumption's or fabricated allegation's would only bring harm. He is concerned and doing what he can .... I know for a fact.

Later Ms.BJ ....

Tiny said...

When Obama gets finished 'Kicking Ass,' Tiny wants to jump up and down on the asses while wearing spiked shoes. Anyone want to join in that kind of jumping contest?

When that one's over, we'll do another one on the asses of the talking head's who spewed falsehoods. That leaves a lotta lard in the streets. But once congealed, easy to shovel up and put in buckets. Not so for separating oil and water. Which is like separating church and state today!

Tea or coffee at those events? Go ahead, speak up. Tea or coffee?