'Vast right-wing conspiracy'

Remember when Hillary uttered the words “vast right-wing conspiracy,” and the media and public opinion pooh-poohed her?

Now that Bill Clinton has called this vast right-wing conspiracy as “virulent” as ever, bear in mind that he didn’t bring it up, but was asked specifically about Hillary’s remark Sunday morning by “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory (LINK).

Is there a vast right-wing conspiracy? You betcha!

The Cliintons, Bill and Hillary, like President Obama now, have been the brutal brunt of it.

The Clintons were accused of murder. President Obama is being accused of wanting to murder old folks with “death panels.” The right-wing continues to strip itself of its self-proclaimed monopoly on moral values.

For this reason, the former president says there’s “no way” Republicans will retake Congress in 2010.

For an eye-popping look at the right-wing’s vulnerable underbelly, read David Brock’s “political and journalistic mea culpa,” Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservtive.” (There are multiple paperback copies for 75 cents on half.com.)

This is a no-holds-barred, nonfiction roman à clef which names names and exposes how they dished the dirt.

As one of a bright and talented army of young conservatives recruited to destroy the Clintons, Brock was the dirtiest of the dirty tricksters. As he personally struggled with his homosexuality, he experienced a road-to-Damascus revelation about the puppetmaster pulling his strings.

The word “conspiracy” turns me off, but it did exist when Hillary talked about it, and it exists now that Bill acknowledges it. Brock’s book is a good jumping-off place to fully understand both its impact and the money and power behind it.

Brock continues to expose and fight this conspiracy today on the Web site he founded, Media Matters for America, described thusly:

“A non-profit progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation.”

As to whether the efforts of the right-wing are as effective today, Clinton told MTP’s audience, "The country is more diverse and more interested in positive action." The people saw Republican control of Congress under George W. Bush, he said, and “they know the results were bad.”

Inexplicably, there remains a fringe out there hellbent on bringing Obama and his positive agenda down, and we must hold complicit media and members of Congress accountable. They are, after all, doing the bidding of the puppetmasters with the power and the money.


Frodo, even eating less beef said...

As long as there is a Texas there will be an abundance of right-wing nut jobs. Humor not intended. Note also that where there is oil, there is insanity.

Sue said...

once more I'm lovin some Frodo!!

BJ, I get the Media Matters emails, lots of interesting stuff to read there, I need to start posting some of it!
There absolutely is a right-wing conspiracy, they are hell bent on destroying any dem in a leadership role. I just wish it would destroy them instead!!

Tiny said...

The "vast-right wing" will eventually implode and crash. Ya know the old saying, "The higher they ride the harder they fall." How many have drowned their self-proclaimed high-morals in the sex-pool? Just can't fly with only one wing!

With the old crowd dying off, the younger ones seem to be digging a bigger hole for themselves. All their hot air just adds to the global warming they deny exists.

Tiny agrees with BJ that "we must hold complicit media and members of Congress accountable." That goes for all these people who send their horrible full-0f-lies emails too!

Go get 'em BJ!